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To remember how to draw up INSULIN think: Nicole Richie RN (a teacher taught us this is school, thought it was funny and never forgot it!!!)
Air into NPH, then air into regular, draw up regular then draw up NPH

SKINNY, NERVOUS, BULDGING EYES, Up all night, heart beating fast


Hyper natremia (greater than 145)

Skin flushed
Low grade fever


2-3 months: turns head side to side
4-5 months: grasps, switch & roll
6-7 months: sit at 6 and waves bye-bye
8-9 months: stands straight at eight
10-11 months: belly to butt (phrase has 10 letters) 12-13 months: twelve and up, drink from a cup

Hepatitis Hepatitis: -ends in a VOWEL, comes from the BOWEL (Hep A)
Hepatitis B=Blood and Bodily fluids
Hepatitis C is just like B


GLASGOW COMA SCALE. EYES, VERBAL,MOTOR! It is similar to measuring dating skills...max 15 points -one can do it if below 8 you are in Coma.
So, to start dating you gotta open your EYES first,

if you albe to do that spontaneously and use them correctly to SEE whom you dating you earn 4. But if she has to scream on you to make you open them it is only 3....and 1 you dont care to open even if she tries to hurt you.

if you get good EYE contact (4 points) then move to VERBAL.
talk to her/ him! if you can do that You are really ORIENTED in situation she/he uncontiously gives you 4 points! if you like her try not to be CONFUSED (3), and of cause do not use INAPPROPRIATE WORDS (3), she will not like it)), try not to RESPOND WITH INCOMPREHENSIBLE SOUNDS (2), if you do not like her- just show no VERBAL RESPONSE(1)

Since you've got EYE and VERBAL contact you can MOVE now using your Motor Response Points.

THis is VERY important since Good moves give you 6!

The person who hyperventilates is most likely to experience respiratory alkalosis.

avoid salt substitutes when taken dig and k-supplements because many are potassium based


Signs of hypoxia: =>

restless, anxious, cyanotic tachycardia, increased resps. (also monitor ABG's)


Apgar measures HR,RR,Muscle tone, Reflexes,Skin color each 0-2 point. 8-10 OK. 0-3 RESUSCITATE.

Addison's disease (need to "add" hormone)

Cushing's syndrome (have extra "cushion" of hormones)


Dumping syndrome: =>

increase fat and protein, small frequent meals, lie down after meal to decrease peristalsis, wait 1 hr after meals to drink.


For blood types: "O" is the universal donor (remember "o" in donor)

"AB" is the universal recipient

Disseminated Herpes Zoster is AIRBORNE PRECAUTIONS, as to

Localized Herpes Zoster is CONTACT PRECAUTIONS.

A nurse with a localized herpes zoster CAN care for patients as long as the patients are NOT immunosuppressed and the lesions must be covered!


Fat soluble vitamins are Vitamins A, D, E, K

Give NSAIDS, Corticosteroids, drugs for Bipolar, Cephalosporins, and Sulfonamides
WITH food.


Ativan is the treatment of choice for status epilepticus

When using a bronchodilator inhaler inconjuction with a glucocorticoid inhaler, administer the bronchodilator first


Theophylline increases the risk of digoxin toxicity and decreases the effects of lithium and Dilantin

INtal, an inhaler used to treat allergy induced asthma may cause bronchospasm, think... INto the asthmatic lung


Isoniazid causes peripheral neuritis

Peptic ulcers caused by H. pylori are treated with Flagyl, Prilosec and Biaxin.

This treatment kills bacteria and stops production of stomach acid, but does not heal ulcer. Weighted NI (Naso intestinal tubes) must float from stomach to intestine.

Don't tape the tube right away after placement, may leave coiled next to pt on HOB. Position patient on RIGHT to facilitate movement through pylorus.


Diaphragm must stay in place 6 hours after intercourse. They are also fitted so must be re- fitted if you lose or gain a significant amount of weight.

Best time to take Growth Hormone PM, Steroids AM, Diuretics AM, Aricept AM.


Carafate (Sulcrafate) before meals (mucosal barrier; constipation)

Tagamet with food (H2; messes with elderly ppl be careful ! Interacts with alot of things)


Antacids after meals

Long term use of amphogel (binds to phosphates, increases Ca, robs the bones...leads to increased Ca resortion from bones and WEAK BONES)


Cushings ulcers r/t BRAIN injury =>

Cushings triad r/t ICP in BRAIN (htn, bradycard, irr. resp)


Thyroid storm is HOT (hyperthermia)

Myxedema coma is COLD (hypothermia)


Glaucoma intraocular pressure is greater than the normal (22 mm Hg), give miotics to constrict (pilocarpine)

Non dairy sources of calcium include RHUBARB, SARDINES, COLLARD GREENS


You can petal the rough edges of a plaster cast with tape to avoid skin irritation.

With low back aches, bend knees to relieve


Push fluids with Allopurinol - flush the uric acid out of system

Koplick's spots are red spots with blue center characteristic of PRODROMAL stage of Measles. Usually in mouth.


INH can cause peripheral neuritis, take Vit B6 to prevent also hepatotoxic

Rifampin - Red orange tears and urine, also contraceptives don't work as well


Ethambutol - messes with your Eyes =>

Apply eye drop to conjunctival sac and after wards apply pressure to nasolacrimal duct / inner canthus


Pancreatitis patients but them in fetal position, NPO, gut rest, prepare antecubital site for PICC cuz they'll probably be getting TPN/Lipids

Trendelenburg test - for varicose veins. If they fill proximally = varicosity.


Rule of nines, 9 = head, 18 = arms, 36 = torso, 36 =legs, and 1= perineum = 100%

When giving Kayexalate we need to worry about dehydration ( K ha ineverse relationship with Na)


Yogurt has live cultures- dont give to immunosuppressed pt

Itching under cast area- cool air via blow dryer, ice pack for 10- 15 minutes.
NEVER use qtip or anything to scratch area


– pain with palpation of gall bladder area seen with cholecystitis =>

Murphy’s sign


– ecchymosis in umbilical area, seen with pancreatitis =>

Cullen’s sign


– flank grayish blue (turn around to see your flanks) pancreatitis =>

Turner’s sign


– pain in RLQ indicative of appendicitis =>

McBurney’s Point


– diverticulitis , low residue, no seeds, nuts, peas =>