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Park's model - relief

Quake caused widespread damage to Nepal's infrastructure which hampered relief efforts (Guardian).


Park's model - rehabilitation

Government action was very slow, even 7 days after the disaster people still had not received aid.


Park's model - reconstruction

Central bank announced a low cost loan to help people rebuild homes which were damaged or destroyed in the EQ. (International business times).


Magnitude of the hazard

7.8M followed 6.7M just 30 minutes after


Level of vulnerability

High vulnerability - capitol city Kathmandu was hit worst, it was made worse as it sits on the Kathmandu basin which contains 2000 ft of sedimentary rock.


Capacity of population to cope

They are a developing country and one of the poorest in Asia, GDP per capita is low at $2400. They will most likely not have aseismic buildings, may lack education on the risks, preparations and so on. There will also be a lack of early warning systems.


What made it a disaster?

7500+ dead, and 14,500+ injured. More than 8 million people have been affected. UN estimates that 70,000 homes have been destroyed - hundreds of thousands of people were made homeless.


Areal extent

From Kathmandu to Pokhara, it was felt in China and India.


Source - USGS

Reliable - written by experts on the subject, website intended to inform people.


Source - International business times

Written by Suman Varandani on May 7 2015. Could be biased as their main concern is not providing wholly factual evidence, they want to get readers. Furthermore it is not written by an expert on the subject, it is written by a journalist and so many not completely accurate.


Source - Guardian

Written by Jason Burke and Ishwar Rauniyar on May 1 2015. Same reliability as IBT.


Park's model 1991 - pre-disaster:

Risk of the EQ was well known before hand.