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What is the path of the Spinal Accessory Nerve?

Passes the SCM supplies it--> enters the lateral cervical region-->goes deep to investing layer of deep cervical fascia-->separated by the pre-vertebral layer of fascia--> does deeper than the anterior border of the trapezius


What does the Lesser Occipital Nerve supply?

Supplies the skin of the neck and scalp posterosuperior (above and behind) to the auricle


What is the path of the Great Auricular Nerve?

(C2 and C3)
Ascends vertically across the SCM and onto the parotid gland--> divides--> supplies skin and sheath over parotid gland, the posterior (back) part of the auricle, and the area of skin overlying the angle of the mandible to the mastoid process


What is the path of the Transverse Cervical Nerve and what does it supply?

(C2 and C3)
1. Curves around the middle of the posterior border of the SCM--> passes anteriorly and horizontally across the SCM and deep to the external jugular vein and the platysma
2. It supplies the skin covering the anterior cervical region


What is the path of the Supraclavicular Nerve and what does it supply?

(C3 and C4)
Emerges as a common trunk under the cover of the SCM-->it then sends small branches to the skin of the neck and crosses the clavicle to supply the skin over the shoulder


What is the origin of the Phrenic Nerves and what do they supply?

(C3, C4, and C5)
Originate primarily from C4 but also receives contributions from C3 and C5
This nerve contains sensory, motor, and sympathetic nerve fibers
These nerves supply the sole motor supply to the diaphragm and sensation to its central part
In the thorax the phrenic nerves supply the mediastinal pleura and the pericardium
Each phrenic nerve forms on the anterior scalene muscle


Dorsal Rami

Supplies the zygapophyseal joints, deep muscles of the back, and overlying skin


Where does the Dorsal Scapular Nerve originate?

Posterior aspect of the anterior ramus of C5 with a frequent contribution from C4


What is the course of the Dorsal Scapular Nerve?

Pierces the middle scalene and runs deep to the rhomboids and levator scapulae


What is the origin of the Greater Occipital Nerve

The posterior ramus of the C2 spinal nerve


What is the course of the Greater Occipital Nerve?

Emerges inferior to the obliquus capitis inferior and ascends to the posterior scalp


What is the distribution if the Greater Occipital Nerve?

Skin over the neck and the occipital bone


What is the origin if the Suboccipital Nerve?

Posterior ramus of C1 spinal nerve


What is the course of the Suboccipital Nerve?

Runs between the cranium and C1 vertebra to reach Suboccipital triangle


What is the distribution of the Suboccipital Nerve?

Muscles of the Suboccipital triangle