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What is a syslog message

A message that is sent to the syslog server reporting what happened on a particular system


Explain to me the severity of a syslog message

Severity takes values of 0 - 7 where 0 is the most sever and 7 is the least severe (used for troubleshooting)


What does it mean if I log level 4 messages

Log level 4 messages and all more severe messages so anything < = 4 logged


What are the three components of SNMP

Manager, Agent, MIB (or management information base) which contains OID or object identifiers which set what info can be set and read by the manager


What is a trap notification

A trap notification notifies the manager automatically from an agent of a status


What is a query

Sent by the network manager, a query is a request from the manager to retrieve information from the OID of a MIB


What's the difference between SNMPv1, v2c, and v3

v1 and v2c operated on the idea of a community string or password, while v3 offered encryption, authentication, and integrity checking


What is IPSLA

IP service level agreement measures network performance and influences routing decisions


What is jitter

a gap between packets


What distinguishes a distributed control plane in SDN

Normal devices in a network have a management plane for admin access, a control plane for creating switch and ip routing table, and a data plane containing the actual tables


What's southbound interface

an API from the controller to the host


What's a northbound interface

Sends API information and communicates from admin to controller


What is a centralized control plane in SDN

A centralized control plane in a SDN topography allows for the control planes from all devices to be consolidated into a single controller