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What's packet internet groper?



Best way to test an internet connection?

Ping using ICMP


What is a zero subnet

The first subnet address obtained after subnetting a network.


What modes are you unable to change anything involving direct traffic

BOTH user and exec modes


What is a 802.1Q trunk

A ROAS or Router on a Stick, dot1q holds a vlan ID


What's a code 200?

Code 200 refers to the meaning "OK" and is sending the data requested back to the source. Error 404 is referring to web page no found as you would likely see when browsing the web.


Which of the following is the best procedure for replacing the running-config with a pre-programed startup-config file?

Erase the startup-configuration file and then reload the switch or router.
To prevent the merging of the running-configuration file with the startup-configuration file you will need to erase the startup-config file and then reload the switch or router.


What is the difference between core, access, trunk, and distribution switches?

Core layer: This layer is considered the backbone of the network and includes the high-end switches and high-speed cables such as fiber cables. This layer of the network does not route traffic at the LAN. In addition, no packet manipulation is done by devices in this layer. Rather, this layer is concerned with speed and ensures reliable delivery of packets.
Distribution layer: This layer includes LAN-based routers and layer 3 switches. This layer ensures that packets are properly routed between subnets and VLANs in your enterprise. This layer is also called the Workgroup layer.
Access layer: This layer includes hubs and switches. This layer is also called the desktop layer because it focuses on connecting client nodes, such as workstations to the network. This layer ensures that packets are delivered to end user computers.


VLANS can split up

broadcasting domains


What does a subnet number identify

The subnet aka subnet id aka subnet address


What command configures the Telnet password on a router?

The "vty line 0 4" command will configure the Telnet password.


When a Host-A is using a network that utilizes a stateful DHCPv6 server, which of the following is NOT likely to be learned from that DHCPv6 server?

Stateful DHCPv6 servers do not supply the default router address; addresses come from the use of NDP messages communicated between hosts.


Which command currently stores the enable secret [password]?



Routing protocol performs all of the following functions except:

If two routes exist for the same destination subnet, the router will remove the first entry.
If two or more routes exist for the same destination subnet, then the router will decide on which route to use based on a metric.


Consider SW1 and SW2 share the same link and have at least one configured VLAN. Which of the following would prevent trunking between SW1 and SW2?

Both interfaces get configured with Switchport mode dynamic auto.


What is another term that references Port Address Translation?

NAT Overload


The two protocols an AAA server typically utilizes are what?

RADIUS and TACACS+ are protocols used to create secure communication between a host and the AAA server by encrypting the information getting transmitted.


This type of NDP message is sent when a particular neighbor requests the MAC address of a target host.

NA - Neighbor Advertisement - inform their presence to other hosts present on the same network as well as send them their link-layer addresses.
NS - Neighbor Solicitation IPv6 nodes send NS messages so that the link-layer address of a specific neighbor can be found. There are three operations in which this message is used:

▪ For detecting duplicate address

▪ Verification of neighbor reachability

▪ Layer 3 to Layer 2 address resolution (for ARP replacement) 
ARP is not included in IPv6 as a protocol but rather the same functionality is integrated into ICMP as part of neighbor discovery. NA message is the response to an NS message.
DAD - Duplicate Address Detection
RA - Router Advertisement Message - In order to inform hosts about the IPv6 prefixes used on the link and also to inform hosts that the router is available as default gateway the IPv6 routers send periodic RA messages


What port is FTP

TCP 20, 21


What port is SSH



What port is Telnet



What port is SMTP



What port is DNS



What port is HTTP

80, 81


When using 10 Base T and 100 Base T, what devices transmit on Pin positions 3,6?

Switches and Hubs
NIC transmitters use pair connected to pins 1 and 2 NIC receivers use 3 and 6


Whats the purpose of a bridge

Separate devices into collision domains and forward frames between two interfaces; they can also queue and buffer frames which allow the frames to be sent to the dest once it's no longer busy


What component of VPN technology ensures data can be ready only by the intended device



When using 10 base T and 100 base T, devices transmit on pin positions 3 and 6

Ethernet NIC transmitters use the pair connected to pins 1 and 2, NIC receivers use a pair of wires at positions 3 and 6.


What's the range of a standard numbered ACL



What's the range of a expanded standard number ACL