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Ring topology is designed to connect every node to?

it's neighbor until forming a closed loop ring


Full mesh topology is designed to connect every node to?

each other node


Star topology is designed to connect every node to?

a central hub/switch


Line (point to point) topology is designed as a ... to each other?

one-to-one direct connection


Bus (daisy chain) topology is designed with a ... to each node that terminates at both ends?

shared single cable using Coaxial BNC Connectors


Extended star/tree topology is designed as a central hub that connects using ...?

central hub connected to other hubs that branch out to nodes instead of one main central hub.


Hierarchical topology is designed as a ...?

Tiered/Layered network


Two tier collapse core topology is designed by merging... as one?

core and distribution layer come together as one

Access layer


Three-tier campus hierarchical topology is designed using what three layers...?

core, distribution and access layer independently from each other.


Core layer is responsible for what...?

fastest and most reliable data transmission


Distribution layer is responsible for...?

distribution, routing and policy-based management


Access layer is responsible for access to ...?

giving access to connected nodes and resources on the network.


Spine and leaf topology is designed how ...?

Two Tier - typically used in Data Center Design

Core/Distribution (Spine)
L2/L3 switch that perform both routing and switching.

Access Layer (Leaf) connects to nodes, devices and resources on the network


Physical topology describes how network devices are...?

physically connected


Logical topology design describes how architecture in node(s) are?

connected on a network without regards to a physical connection.


Hybrid topology by design relates to the use of ...?

physical and logical connects are used

ex. Ethernet cable (Physical) Logical (IP Address)


In a fully meshed topology the formula to calculate number of connection needed?

C=n (n-1) /2

C = # of connections
n = # of devices

ex. For 6 devices C=6(6-1)/2=15

(6-1) = 5 x 6 = 30 / 2 = 15