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Network Fundamentals Q/A's
Whats the purpose of routers,
Whats the purpose of switches,
Whats two capabilities does a l2 ...
93  cards
Spanning Tree Protocol Q/A's
Rapid per vlan spanning tree prot...,
Rapid per vlan spanning tree bloc...,
The root port in spanning tree pr...
31  cards
NAT Network Address Translation Q/A's
Nat is a protocol thats used to a...,
By applying a static nat to an in...,
Dynamic nat are inside hosts that...
8  cards
Network Topologies Q/A's
Ring topology is designed to conn...,
Full mesh topology is designed to...,
Star topology is designed to conn...
17  cards
Network Access Q/A's
Whats type of data is carried ove...,
What type of trunking protocol is...,
What type of data is carried over...
30  cards
Wireless Networks Q/A's
Wireless lan controller is respon...,
Whats a wireless ap access point ...,
What are nonoverlapping wi fi cha...
24  cards
IP Connectivity Q/A's
What does the network prefix iden...,
Network id subnet mask are used to,
Whats the purpose of a next hop a...
25  cards
IP Services Q/A's
What is quality of service qos us...,
The standard traditional values f...,
In packet switching data packets ...
45  cards
EIGRP Routing Protocol Q/A's
What does eigrp stand for,
What multicast address does eigrp...,
What is eigrp default routing beh...
14  cards
OSPF Routing Protocol Q/A's
What two things does ospf use to ...,
What does ospf use to pass routin...,
In what order does ospf operate d...
24  cards
BGP Routing Protocol Q/A's
What is vector type is bgp,
Does bgp broadcast its entire rou...,
What is the name of the database ...
50  cards
Security Fundamentals Q/A's
What does tacacs stand for,
What is does radius stand for,
Radius encrypt what packet type f...
32  cards
Automation and Programmability Q/A's
The data plane in sd wan operates...,
The control plane in sd wan is re...,
What is the management plane in s...
34  cards

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