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Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

Progressive motoneuron disease

Presents with moderate weakness in affected limb, leads to death from severe paralysis that involves respiratory system


Parkinson's Disease

Loss of dopaminergic neuronal function then loss of these neurons in the substantia nigra


Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Quintessential CNS demyelinating disease


Infiltration of T cells and macrophages and plaques of astrocytic aggregations

T cells secrete Fas ligand which binds oligodendrocytes and induces apoptosis

Macrophages strip myelin from axons

Axons are spared but their function is severely compromised (AP conduction blocked or much slower)


What can cause elevated CK?

Inflammatory and inherited myopathies


Proximal vs. distal muscle weakness

Proximal muscle weakness more common in muscle disease (except myotonic dystrophy)

Distal muscle weakness more characteristic of neuropathies



Caused usually by contaminated food

Descending weakness

Typically involves bulbar muscles (cranial nerve stuff! Ptosis, palate weakness, impairement of swallowing)

No diarrhea

Can have incremental increase in amplitude of CMAP with repetitive stimulation


Lambert-Eaton Syndrome

Antibodies against presynaptic voltage-gated Ca2+ channels (P/Q type)

Increased CMAP on repetitive nerve stimulation because a little Ca2+ gets out each time, making contraction stronger each time

Leg weakness, NO ptosis, small cell carcinoma of lung

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