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Which autonomic system receptor causes an increase in cyclic AMP when activated?

a. a1
b. a2
c. b2
d. n1
e. m2

C. beta 2

Gq = increase IP3/Ca
Gi = decrease CAMP
Gs = increase CAMP

a1 = q
a2 = i
b1 = s
b2 = s

m1 = q
m2 = i
m3 = q


Nicotinic receptors are ionotropic.


Which extrapyramidal tract helps inhibit both flexors and extensors during movement?

a. rubrospinal
b. pontine reticulospinal
c. medullary reticulospinal
d. lateral vestibulospinal
e. tectospinal

C. medullary reticulospinal tract

This tract runs from the medullary reticular formation to the spinal cord interneurons in the intermediate gray area.

Study Table RLQ on page 27.


In pain modulation, serotonin is produced by which 2 areas?

a. nucleus raphe magnun
b. spinal dorsal horn
c. locus ceruleus
d. periaqueductal gray matter
e. dorsal root ganglion

A and B.

nucleus raphe magnum - serotonin
spinal dorsal horn - serotonin, enkephalin
locus ceruleus - norepinephrine
periaqueductal gray matter - morphine
dorsal root ganglion - opioids