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behemoth (n)

  • a very big and powerful company or organization
  • công ty lớn


  1. Anything that produces a competitor to EA or whoever’s the current industry behemoth is good news.
  2. a multinational corporate behemoth


ovulation (n)

  • to produce an egg
  • sự rụng trứng


  1. This process is called ovulation, and it usually occurs about halfway through your cycle, but it can occur earlier or later.
  2. The babies were created through a process called ovulation induction.


follicular (adj)

  • relating to, having, or resembling a follicle or follicles
  • có nang, như cái nén


  1. The first half of the menstrual cycle, called the follicular phase, begins with pulses of GnRH, about one pulse every ninety minutes.
  2. These flattened cells from the ovarian follicle and, therefore, called follicular cells.


luteal (n)

  • relating to, or involving the corpus luteum
  • hoàng thể, thuộc lutein


  1. "See on this graph, you can see her luteal phase," he said.
  2. Women who smoke marijuana have shorter menstrual cycles and shorter luteal phases.


radicalize (v)

  • to make people more willing to consider new and different policies, ideas, etc; to make people more radical in their political opinions
  • làm cho trở nên cấp tiến


  1. Recent events have radicalized opinion on educational matters.
  2. He noted that stepped-up fighting in the tribal areas of Pakistan could further "radicalize" that nation.


prophecy (n)

  • a statement that something will happen in the future, especially one made by somebody with religious or magic powers
  • the power of being able to say what will happen in the future
  • tài tiên tri, lời tiên tri


  1. to fulfil a prophecy (= make it come true)
  2. She was believed to have the gift of prophecy.


demise (n)

  • the end or failure of an institution, an idea, a company, etc.
  • sự cho thuê miếng đất, sự kết thúc của một tổ chức / ý tưởng / công ty


  1. That nobody really knows about his demise is a tragedy in itself.
  2. Your time is running out and wasting time on this issue will add to your certain demise in the next elections.


vein (n)

  • any of the tubes that carry blood from all parts of the body towards the heart
  • an amount of a particular quality or feature in something
  • a particular style or manner
  • tĩnh mạch, mạch, nguồn cảm hứng, lối, điệu


  1. The nurse was having trouble finding a vein in his arm.
  2. A number of other people commented in a similar vein.


ramification (n)

  • one of the large number of complicated and unexpected results that follow an action or a decision
  • một trong nhiều hậu quả không mong đợi


  1. These changes are bound to have widespread social ramifications.


(hire in) droves (n)

  • a large number of people or animals, often moving or doing something as a group
  • đàn, đám đông


  1. People were leaving the countryside in droves to look for work in the cities.
  2. Business and population are fleeing in droves from the state.


exorbitant (adj)

  • much too high
  • quá cao, cắt cổ, đòi hỏi quá đáng


  1. exorbitant costs/fares/fees/prices/rents
  2. It's a good hotel but the prices are exorbitant.
  3. Prices are exorbitantly high in this shop.


posse (n)

  • a group of people who are similar in some way, or who spend time together
  • a group of people who were brought together by a sheriff (= an officer of the law) in order to help him catch a criminal
  • đội cảnh sát, đột vũ trang, nhóm bạn


  1. a little posse of helpers
  2. Oil will remain high until at least January 2009 when the Bush posse is removed from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


swanky (adj)

  • fashionable and expensive in a way that is intended to impress people
  • trưng diện, phô trương


  1. a swanky new hotel
  2. It seems 'swanky' to say so, but once you get over the first shock you go on chewing biscuits and tobacco when the shells are bursting all round.


remorseful (adj)

  • the feeling of being extremely sorry for something wrong or bad that you have done
  • ăn năn, hối hận


  1. I felt guilty and full of remorse.
  2. She felt no remorse at leaving them without notice.
  3. He was filled with remorse for not believing her.
  4. He seemed genuinely remorseful for what he had done.


stand-offish (adj)

  • not friendly towards other people
  • khó gần, không cởi mở


  1. And one builds a family by being welcoming and approachable, not mysterious or stand-offish.
  2. When I got back to pick her up they were eating lunch and she was a bit stand-offish with me at first.


segregation (n)

  • the act or policy of separating people of different races, religions or sexes and treating them in a different way
  • the act of separating people or things from a larger group
  • sự phân biệt, sự phân ly


  1. racial/religious segregation
  2. the segregation of smokers and non-smokers in restaurants


amicably (adv)

  • done or achieved in a polite or friendly way and without arguing
  • thân thiện, thân tình


  1. an amicable relationship
  2. In spite of their disagreement they parted on amicable terms.
  3. The policeman chatted amicably to the bystanders.


shrug (v)

  • to raise your shoulders and then drop them to show that you do not know or care about something
  • nhún vai thể hiện không quan tâm


  1. Sam shrugged and said nothing.
  2. ‘I don't know,’ Anna replied, shrugging her shoulders.


squishy (adj)

  • soft and wet
  • mềm, ướt át


  1. The bathroom design insured that that if a shower was taken before bed, the entire floor would remain squishy for hours.
  2. I keep wondering if that transparent dome is 'squishy' or what!


tuck in (v)

  • to push, fold or turn the ends or edges of clothes, paper, etc. so that they are held in place or look neat
  • đút vào, thu vào, nhét vào


  1. She tucked up her skirt and waded into the river.
  2. The sheets should be tucked in neatly (= around the bed).


gig line (n)

  • a performance by musicians playing popular music or jazz in front of an audience; a similar performance by a comedian
  • a job, especially a temporary one
  • công việc tạm thời, vở diễn


  1. to do a gig
  2. a gig as a basketball coach


portmanteau (adj)

  • consisting of a number of different items that are combined into a single thing
  • vali, từ kết hợp, có tính tổng hợp


  1. a portmanteau course
  2. ‘Depression’ is a portmanteau condition.


iffy (adj)

  • not in perfect condition; bad in some way
  • not certain
  • không chắc chắn, không dứt khoát


  1. That meat smells a bit iffy to me.
  2. The weather looks slightly iffy.


contaminate (v)

  • to make a substance or place dirty or no longer pure by adding a substance that is dangerous or carries disease
  • to influence people's ideas or attitudes in a bad way
  • làm ô uế, làm bẩn, làm hỏng, làm nhiễm bệnh


  1. The drinking water has become contaminated with lead.
  2. They were accused of contaminating the minds of our young people.


bevy (n)

  • a large group of people or things of the same kind
  • nhóm, đàn, bầy (con gái), đàn chim


  1. a bevy of beauties (= beautiful young women)
  2. Why, she had a bevy of suitors, but she knew about them too, ya know?


swirl (v)

  • to move around quickly in a circle; to make something do this
  • cuốn đi, xoáy đi


  1. A long skirt swirled around her ankles.
  2. He took a mouthful of water and swirled it around his mouth.


debut (v)

  • to make a first public appearance
  • to present a new product or advertising campaign to the market
  • trình diễn lần đầu


  1. The ballet will debut next month in New York.
  2. They will debut the products at the trade show.
  3. They have promised to debut the software by the end of the year.


avalanche (n)

  • a mass of snow, ice and rock that falls down the side of a mountain
  • tuyết lở, loạt dồn dập


  1. He was killed in an avalanche while skiing.
  2. We received an avalanche of letters in reply to our advertisement.


idyllic (adj)

  • peaceful and beautiful; perfect, without problems
  • bình dị, thôn dã, hoàn hảo không tì vết


  1. a house set in idyllic surroundings
  2. The cottage (nhà tranh) sounds idyllic.
  3. a house idyllically set in wooded grounds


stilted (adj)

  • not natural or relaxed; too formal
  • không tự nhiên, quá trang trọng


  1. We made stilted conversation for a few moments.
  2. I shall type in stilted sentences, where humorous.


hermit (n)

  • a person who, usually for religious reasons, lives a very simple life alone and does not meet or talk to other people.
  • nhà tu khổ hạnh


  1. In our next hour, Christiane Amanpour takes a rare look inside the so-called hermit kingdom.
  2. If you call a hermit crab a conch, it's not pedantic to point out the error.


marinate (v)

  • soak (meat, for example) in a marinade
  • ướp thịt bằng nước ướp, ướp


  1. Studies show that exercise helps your brain marinate in powerful, positive endorphins.
  2. He let the idea marinate for a while and realized that it really wasn't all that bad.


eponymous (adj)

  • the eponymous character of a book, play, film/movie, etc. is the one mentioned in the title
  • người được lấy tên đặt cho một tổ chức


  1. Don Quixote, eponymous hero of the great novel by Cervantes
  2. The one whose name was used to designate the year is known as eponymous, meaning “giving his name to.”


tummy (n)

  • the stomach or the area around the stomach
  • dạ dày


  1. Mum, my tummy hurts.
  2. a tummy bug/upset (= an illness when you feel sick or vomit )
  3. There's a baby growing in your mummy's tummy.


cuff (n)

  • the end of a coat or shirt sleeve at the wrist
  • the bottom of the leg of a pair of trousers/pants that has been folded over on the outside
  • a light hit with an open hand
  • off the cuff: without previous thought or preparation
  • cổ tay áo, gấu quần


  1. a collar and cuffs of white lace
  2. to give somebody a friendly cuff
  3. I'm just speaking off the cuff here—I haven't seen the results yet.