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What are some primary concerns with VAP?

increased death rates (46% mortality for ventilated patients with VAP); increased costs, increased LOS


When are some suspecting signs of VAP?

when a mechanically ventilated patient has evidence of new or progressing pulmonary infiltrate along with fever, leukocytosis, and purulent tracheobronchial secretions


VAP is considered if the patient was ventilated within ______ hours of the onset of infection.

48 hours


What is the basic patho of VAP?

microorganisms gain access to normally sterile lower part of the respiratory tract


What is included in the VAP prevention "bundle"?

hand hygiene, HOB at least 30 degrees; mouth care q2h with chlorohexidine, DVT prophylaxis, PUD prophylaxis, interruption of sedation to assess readiness for extubation, subglottic suctioning--- conventional ET with hi-lo continuous suction port


An infection within ______ days of an operation is considered to be a possible surgical site infection.... but what are the other guidelines?

within 30 days of operation AND infection only involves skin or subq tissue of incision AND (one of the following): purulent drainage, organism from aseptically obtained cx of fluid or tissue from superficial incision, or at least one of the following symptoms (pain or tenderness, localized swelling, redness, heat)


What are some potential risks for a SSI?

diabetes, malnutrition, steroid use, nicotine use, prolonged hospital stay, preop colonization of staph, perioperative transfusions


What is the 2nd most common HAI in the US?



VAP is responsible for _____ % of infections that occur in the ICU.