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In the Movie, What Did the doctors try first in the Trial Studies?

1. Change the diet (high carb, low fat)
2.Immunosuppressive therapy (chemotherapy)


What Changes were apparent in Lorenzo's family?

1.Their lives were dominated to seeking a cure
2. They wanted to find unconventional treatment


What is the Significance of the Polish Rats?

1. Diet modification could lower certain fat levels
-Fatty acid manipulation


What were the Oils?

1. Oleic Acid (olive oil)
2. Erusic Acid (Rape Seed Oil)


How was the Oil administered?

1. Through the NG tube


What were the oils made from?

1. Rape seed extract taken from Canola
2. Oleic acid is taken from olive oil


What is the Inheritance Pattern?

1. The disease goes from Mother to Son
-The mother is the carrier but it is only expressed in Males


How did Lorenzo Improve after the Oil

1. He didn't need suctioning
2. No seizures
3. Breathing was improved
4. He was able to communicate through blinking


At the end of the movie, Lorenzo's dad gets an idea for a cure from what?

1. The puppies


Who is the Lorenzo's Rat?

1. His aunt DD who was also a carrier of the disease


Why Could the oil be tested on the aunt?

1. She was also a carrier of the disease


What did the Spigits (sink) represent?

1. The spigit was the intake of LONG CHAIN FATTY ACIDS


What did the drain represent?

1. The enzymes that break down the long chain fatty acids


What diet was Lorenzo placed on?

1. Anything that restricted the long-chain fatty acids


What do the paperclips represent

1. Carbon chains