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What are nutrients required for ?

  • Essential nutrients to replace losses & to grow new tissues
  • Energy to permit metabolic functions
  • Maintenance, growth & development
  • Develop immunity


What are the 3 main phases of growth in kids and what are each of them driven by ?

  1. Infant (nutrient-led)
  2. Child (growth hormone-led)
  3. Pubertal (sex steroid(hormone)-led)


What is the sort of deviation seen from the estimated energy requirements of the general population ?

Basically in terms of energy requirement half of the population will need a bit more than the estimated average requirement and half will need a bit less


List some of the nutrients in which intake is commonly excessive 

  • Protein 
  • Vit C - intake above the RNI in all age groups 
  • Vit A - intake above the RNI in all age groups 
  • Sodium - intake exceeds RNI in all ages groups except 4-6 months 


List some of the nutritents in which intake is inadequate 

Vit D - RNI below for all ages of breastfed infants of all ages, RNI is below for 12-18 months old non-breastfed infants



What is recommended that infants taking < 500mls/d of formula per day should take ?

Vit A,C&D supplements 


What supplement should breast feeding mothers take ?

Vit D supplement 


Appreciate the intake of iorn and calcium in infants 


What are the UK physcial activity guidelines for kids < 5 who can walk and those who cants yet walk 

Cant yet walk:

  • Encourage walking
  • Floor based & water-based activities in safe environments

Can walk:

  • 180 minutes throughout the day


What are the UK physical activity guidelines for kids 5-18 years old ?

≥ 60 minutes/day of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity


3 days per week - vigorous intensity activities 


What is the recommened feeding for the first 6 months of an infants life ?

Breast feeding 


Describe the change in feeding in infants aged roughly 6 months 


How does adequate nutrition in infants affect the developmental milestones in skills for eating and drinking?


Describe the development of eating and drinking skills in early childhood?

Transition from - Being fed ===> feeding self, food supplied ===> learning to find food 



Describe the development of eating and drinking skills in school-aged kids 

  • Learning to be independent
  • Developing eating patterns
  • Developing behaviour patterns (activity)


Describe the development of eating and drinking skiils in adolescence 

  • Attaining independence & ability to parent
  • Accelerated growth due to increased demand


What are some of the benefits of being breastfed for the first 6 months of life on future health ?

  • Greater likelihood of higher IQ at 7½ years
  • Lower obesity risk for baby in later life
  • Lower maternal breast cancer risk


What is recommened for optimum dental health?

Children should be introduced to drinking from cups or beakers from about six months of age & tooth brushing should begin as soon as teeth begin to appear