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Who is the Plant Owner?

The corporation that is paying for and will own and operate the new plant.


What work does the Owner perform before detailed engineering starts?

1. Obtaining necessary government permits to construct and operate the new facility
2. Feasibility study
3. Determining plant location
4. Obtaining funds for the new facility


What are the general responsibilities of the owner?

1. Staffing the new facility
2. Training the new staff
3. Involvement in all stages of design and construction of the new plant


What kind of staff must the Owner obtain for the new plant?

1. Operations personnel
2. Maintenance people
3. All types of support staff, e.g. laboratory technicians, HR, safety personnel


Where does the Owner obtain staff from?

1. Existing facilities with the same owner
2. Hired from outside the company


In what must the Owner train new staff?

Familiarity with the new facility and management system.


Is the design engineering company always the same company that is doing the construction?



What are the general responsibilities of the Design Engineers doing the detailed engineering?

1. Performing all detailed engineering in the design of the process
2. Preparing drawings and specifications for all engineering disciplines in the plant
3. Preparing vendor catalogues for ordering material for the plant
4. Preparing documents for construction companies to bid on the construction of the plant
5. Evaluating bids for the supply of material and the construction of the plant
6. Issuing construction contracts after the bids have been evaluated and sometimes even to follow up on them to make sure timelines are met and the specifications are adhered to
7. Using CAD to produce 3D images of the plant


Does the General Construction Contractor necessarily do all of the work to build the plant?

No, they do varying percentages of the work and subcontract out other sections of the work


What are the general responsibilities of the General Construction Contractor?

1. Purchasing the required material as specified in the design specifications
2. Supplying and supervising the tradespeople
3. Scheduling and planning of the overall project based on the plant construction timetable


What are Subcontractors hired to do?

Specialized work that they can do more economically


What are examples of tasks that Subcontractors can take care of?

1. Cooling tower construction
2. Constructing buildings, e.g. warehouses, motor control centres, and control rooms
3. Installation of specialized systems, e.g. control systems, vibration monitoring systems, fire alarm systems


Who can handle Quality Control (QC)?

1. General Contractor
2. Subcontractor
3. Engineering Company
4. Owner


What are some specialized QC tasks?

1. Shop inspections of pressure vessels
2. Witnessing the shop balancing of high speed rotors for turbines and compressors
3. Verifying the piping systems have been built to the design specifications


What is the main task for Operations Staff before startup?

To learn as much as possible about the new plant before they start it up


How can Operations Staff learn about the new plant before they start it up?

Plant designers may put on training courses to explain the operation of all processes and the functions of the main control loops.


What are some of the responsibilities of the Operations Staff during construction?

1. Learning the piping details and the punch listing
2. Line blowing or trash blowing to clean the debris out of the piping system
3. Leak testing of piping systems, e.g. vacuum systems
4. Steam blowing of piping that supplies turbines and air blowing process piping
5. Checking for proper rotation and test running motors and pumps


What is Punch Listing?

List of the construction deficiencies of a piping system.


What debris items could be in piping that need to be blown out?

1. Welding slag
2. Rags
3. Rust
4. Liquids used to pressure test the piping


What is the responsibility of Operations Staff during the plant start or commissioning?

Take control of the plant systems and start up the plant while watching all of the equipment very closely.


Why are extra operators often used during startup?

1. Training
2. To help with the commissioning of new equipment


What are the responsibilities of the Maintenance Staff during construction?

1. Learning the new plant processes and safety procedures
2. Becoming familiar with the new equipment and how to maintain and repair it
3. Ordering spare parts
4. Witnessing the shop run-in and balancing of rotors for high speed equipment