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What does the boss wear to show he's richer?

He wears "high-heeled boots and spurs" proves he's not a common ranch worker.


How does Curley act just because he's richer?

He says "what the hell you laughin' at?" And "Curley stepped over to Lennie like a terrier" - he's looking for a fight because he knows he won't get into trouble because he's the bosses son.


How does the boss and Curley show poverty?

They show poverty because they are richer than other workers


How does S. show that crooks is victimised because of this race?

"They play cards in there but I can't play because I'm black"
"You got no right to come into my room. This is my room."


Who does crooks show that he's treated like a slave even though he wasn't born one?

He tells Lennie he "ain't no southern negro" and that his "old man had a chicken ranch".


What does whitey show?

He shows jobs insecurity and the workers are constantly moving
"Why...he...just quit, the way a guy will."


What shows that the ranch workers have limited ambitions due to their social class?

Bill Tenner - idolised for being in "those western magazines ranch men scoff at but secretly believe"


How do the minor characters show capitalism turns people against each other?

George and Lennie can old buy the house because the old woman is sick - suffering of others.
Bus driver is "too damn lazy to pull up"


How are the minor characters effective to the plot?

Shows poverty in subtle ways, as if it's not something out of the ordinary.



Steinbeck is a socialist writer who wants to expose workers who are kept down and keep themselves down due to their social class which causes them to have un-ambition dreams.