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What are the main themes of the first paragraph?

There is a high concentration of dynamic verbs and short sentences to give the impression of rapidness and fast pace. It is also written in the past tense with some direct thought in the future tense.


What are some key themes in the second paragraph?

Contrasting his thoughts with his surroundings. There is a mixed metaphor and it is extended. Also repetition to create suspense. Also more direct thought and use of short sentences.


What English techniques are used in the 3rd paragraph?

A continued metaphor of the pain in his leg.
More direct thought and a lifting of the tension "the pain eased"


What are some key features of paragraph 4?

Short, blunt sentence
[…] used to breakdown between thoughts


Key features of paragraph 5:

Visual descriptions "Kink in the joint "
Contrasting and extended metaphor of fire
Rule of 3 "Ruptured, twisted, crushed "


Key things in paragraph 6:

Sibilance "searing spasm"
Subjective perception "it seemed to grow with every second"
Double meaning "I would never get over it"


Techniques used in paragraph 8:

Personification "lashed out "
Short sentences
Anti-climax "so I stayed put "


What is used in paragraph 9?

The whole paragraph is very matter of fact


What happens in paragraph 10?

Repetition of death and it is also written in direct thought


What techniques are used in the last paragraph?

Lots of repetition of the word I (1st person pronouns)