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What are the three lengths of SMAW electrodes and which is the most common?

9in, 36in and the most common is 14in


What are the types of electrodes? And their F designations

Fast-fill (F1) , fast-freeze (F2) , fill- freeze (fast follow)(F3) and low hydrogen (Basic) (F4)


The 8 main ingredients in SMAW electrodes are?

Rutile or titantium dioxide
China clay, silica and mica
Iron oxide (magnetite, hematite)
Iron powder
Sodium silicate more commonly known as "water glass"


What does electromotive force and surface tension do?

Electromotive force pushes the molten metal along regardless of position

Surface tension attracts the globules of filler metal and slag from the electrode as they approach the molten weld pool. Once they are part of the weld pool, surface tension helps keep the metal in place even in overhead position


What does: CSA, AWS, ASME and CWB stand for

Canadian standards association (metric)
American welding society (imperial)
American society of mechanical engineers
Canadian welding bureau


The last digit on an electrode is the chemical composition and the current needed. What are the 8 different chemical compositions and currents?

0 - Cellulose, Sodium DCEP
1 - Cellulose, potassium AC or DCEP
2 - Titania, Sodium AC or DCEN
3- Titania, potassium AC or DCEN
4 - Titania, iron powder AC or DC
5 - Basic, sodium-calcium DCEP
6- Basic, potassium AC or DCEP
7- Basic, high iron powder AC or DCEN
8 - Basic, Iron powder AC or DCEP


Second to last digit stands for?

1 - all positions except vertical down
2- flat and horizontal fillet
3- flat position only (not a CSA or AWS designation)
4- vertical down


All F classifications for rods in F1-F4

F1 is 20,22,24,27,28,26,20-X,27-X
F2 is 12,13,14,19
F3 is 10,11
F4 is 15,16,18,


Most common stainless steel in the industry and the austenitic electrodes

Austenitic steel these are the 300 series.

E308-16 is designed to join 304 and 308 stainless steal base metals. It is all position except vertical down

E309-15 this electrode is used to join low-carbon steel to stainless steal

E316-16 this electrode is designed to join 316 stainless steel


Electrodes used for cast iron are? And the most commonly used one is?

ECI has a cast iron core wire
Est has a steel core wire (weld is not machinable)
ENI is pure nickel or alloyed nickel (Ni-rod) and it's the most commonly used rod


What is the length of time an electrode can be exposed to the atmosphere depending on relative humidity for mineral and low-hydrogen

30mins to 4 hours and 2 hours to 4 hours