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Electrical currents is what?

Flow of electrons through a conductor


The flow of alternating currents reverses direction 120 times per second. From 0 to max at one pole to 0 to max at the other pole, this is called a "cycle" most utility companies distribute alternating current (AC) at 60 cycles per second. Thus means 60 times a second, the voltage reaches maximum in on direction and 60 times a second it reaches maximum in the other direction. The current is said to be operating at 60 Hertz (cycles per second). The symbol for alternating current AC is (~)



What are 2 types of AC powers?

Single phase and 3 phase


Explain DCEN and DCEP and how they work

Direct current electrode negative (DCEN). When using DCEN the heat generated by the arc is concentrated at the electrode. In SMAW using coated electrodes, DCEN generally allows for faster welding speeds and higher filler metal deposition. It provides a medium depth of penetration.

Direct current electrode positive (DCEP). The heat generated by the arc is directed at the workpiece. This allows for deeper penetration of the weld, but the welding speed is slower.


What is 1 typenof problem that you can have when using DV current that you cant get using AC and why

Arc blow. The polarity of the DC circuit creates a magnetic field that pushes the arc to one side.