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Apley Scratch Test

external rotation and abduction


patient reaches behind his head to touch the superior medial angle of the opposite scapula


Apley Scratch Test

internal rotation and adduction


patient reaches behind his back to touch the inferior angle of the opposite scapula


AC Joint Dysfunction


PT adduct the arm

place hand on contralateral shoulder

Flex Elbow to 90

pt actively resist downward force from physician


Drop Arm Test

screen for possible rotator cuff tear (supraspinatus tear)


the patient fully ABduct the arm (160-180)

slowly lower the arm to the side


+ test = not be able to lower the arm slowly and smoothly



Empty Can/JOBE Test

test for supraspinatus weakness


90° Abduction

30° horizontal flexion anterior of coronal plane

internal rotation (Thumbs DOWN)


Infraspinatus/Teres Minor Test

marked external rotation against resistance


Elbow flexed to 90 and @ sides

Patient Attempts to Externally Rotate Against the physician's counterforce



Subscapularis Lift Off Test


internally rotate arm w/ dorsum of hand on lumbar spine 

patient pushes away from back w/ resistance from physician



Subscapularis Internal Rotation Test


Pt attempts to internally rotate arm against physicians resistance  


Hawkin’s Test

Impingement of supraspinatus


Pronated Arm is Passively Flexed to 90 

then Internally Rotated while stabilizing the scapula


Impingement btw greater tuberosity of the humerus against the coraco-humeral ligament


Neer’s Test

Impingement of supraspinatus


Pronated + internally rotate arm

Passively Flexed while stabilizing scapula


Impingement occurs @ > 90 Flexion

(near ear)


Apprehension Tests

evaluates stability of shoulder joint

ligamentous laxity/injury or dislocated/subluxed


pt supine w/ arm off table

ABduction and External Rotation shoulder

(position of shoulder vulnerability) 



Relocation Tests

evaluates stability of shoulder joint w. pressure


pt supine w/ arm off table

ABduction and External Rotation shoulder w. pressure on GH joint


looking for relief of pain


Yergason’s Test

test stability of long head of biceps tendon

in the bicipital groove

test transverse humeral ligament integrity


pt flexes elbow to 90 + pronates forearm

pt actively flexes + supinate arm against physician resistance + external rotation


+ test = biceps tendon pops out or pain


Pain w.o. subluxation = bicipital tendonitis/tendonosis


Speed’s Test

Testing for Bicipital tendonitis


pt flexes arm to 90 + supinates

physician applies downward force/resistance


+ test = pain in anterior shoulders (site of biceps tendon)



maximally load and compress the ACJ


Flex arm to 90° w. elbow fully extended

Adduct arm 40° medial to sagittal plane

arm maximally internally rotated


pt resists physician's downward/medial force



Roos Test

Shoulder Abduction + External Rotation

Elbows flexed to 90

hands perform repetitive opening/closing for 3 minutes


+ test = Paresthesias/Numbness/Tingling


Adsons Test

Scalene Entrapment


Arm in Slight Extension and Abduction

head turned toward affected side


+ test =  weakened radial pulse or paresthesias



Wrights Test

Pectoralis Minor Entrapment


Hyperabduct arm above head

patient turning head away

palpate radial pulse


+ test = weakened radial pulse or Paresthesias



Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Ulnar Nerve (C8-T1) entrapment at elbow


Numbness + Tingling in medial portion of hand


caused by repetitive elbow extension/flexion




Tinel’s Test at Elbow

reproduced s/s of numbness/tingling felt in medial hand


tap where ulnar nerve runs in cubital tunnel


Lateral Epicondylitis


tennis elbow

Pain at the lateral epicondyle at point of forearm extensor


MOI: extensor carpi radialis brevis


caused by repetitive supination motion


Pain with Resisted Supination


Lateral Epicondylitis

Maudsley's test

pain at lateral epicondyle w. resisted middle finger extension


Mills test

pain at lateral epicondyle w. resisted wrist extension


Medial Epicondylitis


golfers elbow

Pain at the medial epicondyle at point of forearm flexor complex attachment


MOI: flexor carpi radialis


Pain with resisted pronation


Medial Epicondylitis


Pain noted with resisted pronation and/or wrist flexion


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

Median Nerve (C5-T1) entrapment beneath Flexor Retinaculum


Numbness, Weakness, Tingling in Median Nerve distribution of hand


caused by repetitive motion of wrist


Tinel’s Test for Carpal Tunnel


Percuss w/ index/middle finger tips on Flexor Retinaculum


+ test = numbness/tingling sensation in Median nerve distribution



Phalen’s Test


Hyperflexion of wrists and hold for 30-60 seconds


+ test = reproduced numbness/tingling in Median nerve distribution


Reverse Phalen’s Test


Hyperextension of wrists and hold for 30-60 seconds


 + test = reproduced numbness/tingling in Median nerve distribution


Finkelstein’s Test

test for De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis


MOI: extensor pollicis brevis and the abductor pollicis longus


place thumb inside fist while applying ulnar deviation to the wrist


+ test = pain in region of snuff box


Allen’s Test

test collateral blood supply to the hand


Fist is held for 20-30 seconds

Pressure is applied to Radial/Ulnar arteries

blanching occurs

release pressure from radial or ulnar artery

color should return w.i. 5-7 seconds