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Give examples of groups who actively resisted the Nazis?

Communists (red orchestra)
Students (white rose)
Conservative elites (1944 bomb plot)


Give examples of groups who showed dissent towards the Nazis?

Youth (swing youth, Edelweiss Pirates)
Christians (Bonhoeffer)
Workers (strikes and poor work ethic)


What evidence is there that the Nazis repressed the communists?

-Imprisoned over half party members in 1933
Gestapo infiltrated remains by 1935


How did the red orchestra resist the Nazis?

spy network permeated gov and military.
Transmitted to Moscow
discovered and killed in 1942


Who were the key people in the white rose group?

Hans and Sophie Scholl


How did the white rose resist the Nazis?

Printed anti-Nazi leaflets 1942-3
Distributed around Munich and Central Germany
Found, tortured and executed


When did Germany's conservative elites begin to resist?

Following the military disasters of 1942-3


What was the name of the conservative elite group emerging in 1942?

Kreisau Circle. Strongly influenced by christian values. Politically conservative.


What were the consequences of the failed 1944 bomb plot?

5,000 supporters of the resistance killed, including Stauffenberg (who put the bomb in Hitler's briefing room)


How did swing youth groups show their oppostion?

m/c youths played and danced to swing music
Nazis saw the African-American influences as un German


What did Edelweiss pirates do to rebel against the Nazis?

Organised hikes and campls, alternatives to Hitler youth. Boys and girls and Jews mixed freely.

Some partook in active resistance. 1944, 12 were hanged for killing a Gestapo officer.
Others sheltered concentration camp escapees or beat up Hitler Youth members.


Which protestant pastors spoke out against the Nazis?

-Galen (criticed euthanasia policy)
-Niemoller (sent to concentration camp)
-Bonhoeffer (helped Jews emigrate. Worked in Kreisau circle. Sent to concentration camp and murdered)


Why was the church so reluctant to oppose the Nazi Regime?

Distrusted the left and saw communists as the greater evil


How much support did the Nazis have?

Changed over time and varied between groups.
Overall Nazis did produce a large degree of conformity suggesting broad support from sections of society


Why was there support for the Nazi Regime?

-economic recovery
-Hitler myth
-pre-war diplomatic achievements and military successes