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Project manager activities include (but are not limited to):

- planning the project
- developing schedules
- defining the scope
- risk analysis and mgmt
- quality control
- cost mgmt


Project mgmt is the key to

planning, implementing, and monitoring


A forecasting method that mostly relies on judgment is

the Delphi method


The Delphi method is

a collaborative process whereby managers or members of a group are independently surveyed to reach a consensus on something that will happen in the future


IS steering committees should

consist of system mgmt, the controller, and other mgmt personnel, and should establish policies with regard to an org's IS; "monitor"


IS steering committees should not

be involved in the actual design, development, coordination, and direction of projects or the resolution of specific operational problems


The planning state of a project includes creating:

- the project plan
- a schedule
- a control plan
- a QC plan
- a risk mgmt plan
- a communications plan
- a completion plan


For a fixed-price proposal, the deliverables due on the contract are not clearly defined. As a result, the potential contractor should:

wait to bid until the deliverables are clearly defined


The best way to identify and manage risk is to

have experts on the team


The following should be considered in the physical design of a data center:

- evaluation of potential risks from railroad lines and highways
- use of biometric access systems
- inclusion of an uninterruptible power supply system and surge protection


Authorization tables for operating system access address _____ controls



Step 2 in project mgmt is the implementation stage. The implementation stage involves

holding meetings, monitoring progress, updating the project plan, communicating progress, and tracking costs