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What base of skull foramina does the optic nerve pass through? Within which cranial fossa is this found?

The optic canal / middle


What type of information is carried in the optic nerve?

Special sensory


What is the function of the optic nerve?



Describe the extracranial pathway of the optic nerve?

Sensory receptors (rods and cones) in the retina transmit visual information posteriorly via the optic nerve to the cortex


Describe the intracranial pathway of the optic nerve once it has passed through the optic canal?

Travels around the pituitary stalk to the optic chiasm to form the optic tract


Although the optic nerve is a cranial nerve, it is actually part of the CNS for what two reasons?

The axons are myelinated by oligodendrocytes and it is wrapped in meninges


What are the 5 ways of testing the optic nerve?

Visual acuity, colour vision, visual fields, pupillary light reflexes and fundoscopy