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When was the Deceleration of Piltniz and why was it important?

August 1792
It was seen as a way of foreign monarchy's supporting Louis and getting involved in the internal domestic affairs of France.


Why was the war so important?

It caused the fall of the monarchy, the civil war and the government by terror, changing the course of the revolution.


What was the Royalist case for war?

War would destroy France and the revolution and enable the monarchy to regain there powers and control that they had lost.

The Austrian Committee came to control foreign policy.


Constitutionalist call for war

Lafayette believed that the revolution had gone to far and had failed to gain political stability. He believed that the war would enable him to gain more powers for him self and he would the. Create a string constitutional monarchy under the 1791 constitution.


What was the republican reasoning for war?

Bristol believed that war would force Louis to show his support which was not with the new government but with the Austrians and absolutism. Louis could then be branded a traitor or the revolution and executed for treason against the 1791 constitution.


How did the Legislative Assembly justify war?

Successful conflict would encourage support for revolution and create it to be a more permanent force.
War would allow revolutionary ideals to travel.
European States were weak.


Why did Robespierre oppose war?

He believed that it would give power to foreign nations. He believed it to be more important to fight enemies in France first.
Robespierre believed that Lafaeyette was the greatest threat to the French people and that Brissot was ignorant of the ease of war.


When and why did the King dismiss the feuillant ministers?

March 1792
Austria and Prussia became allies. This threat plus the Girondins attacks on the Austrian committee meant that court forced the king to dismiss his ministers and appoint a more radical government.


When was war declared?

20 April 1792


Which three factors led to the overthrow of the King?

Military Crisis
Royal Veto
Rise of the Sans-Culottes


What was the military crisis?

6,000 officers had emigrated.
Displace of the 150,000 strong army was poor
Army was not well equipped.
First battle in Belgium met with disaster, army retreated to Lille where they murdered there field commander and deserted.


What did the Legislative Assembly try to do to restore order?

The 27 May 1792 law to deport refractionary priest was used to restore order within the Catholic Church. Other laws were also passed to try and restore order such as disbanding the Kings Guard and allowing the federes to set up a 20,000 strong camp to protect Paris from invasion.


What did Louis do to the 27 May laws?



How did the Sans-Culottes respond to the actions of the King?

Armed demonstration on the 20th June- anniversary of tennis court oath and Flight to Varennes.
8,000 demonstrators met at the Tuileres palace- aim to force the King to backdown and recall the Girondins.


How did King respond to 20 June 1792 journe?

Wore the bonnet rouge and drank to the health of the nation.


When and what was the Patrice danger?

Issued by the legislative assembly on the 11 July, stating the the fatherland is in danger, it was a rallying cry to ordinary people to take up arms in defence of the Republic.


What are the federes?

National Guardsmen from the provinces who arrived in Paris. They were revolutionary militants, who sided with the sans-culottes.


What did the Girondin do on the arrival of the federes?

Changed sides, warning the King that a much worse insurrection would happen than that of the 20 June. They said that they would protect the King if he recalled the Girondin ministers on the 13 July he refused.


What did Robespeirre propose in his speech on the 29 July

- abandon 1792 constitution
- overthrow monarchy
- establish new national convention (UMS
- purge departmental authority


When was the Brunswick manifesto?

1 August


What was the Brunswick manifesto?

- aim of war for Prussia was the protection of France
- Restore the liberty of Louis XVI
- Paris is responsible for safety of Louis
- Austria what retaliated if Louis harmed


What was the purpose of the manifesto?

Slow the course of the revolution and protect the royal family


What happened as a result of Brunswick manifesto?

Marked foreign intervention in French affairs.
On the 3rd August Mayor of Paris demanded abolition of monarchy on behalf of 47 of the 48 sections of Paris.


When was the Hotel de Ville taken over and by who?

9 August
Hebert and the Sans- Culottes


When was the attack on the Tuilleres?

10 August 1792


What was the effect of the Tuileres Journee in Agust?

- Commune was now governing body of France.
- Louis XVI was handed over to the commune.
- A new national convention would be declared elected by UMS

The commune and not the assembly controlled Paris and most of France


When and what was the first terror?

17 August- 6 September: September Massacres


What did Lafayatte do on the 19 August?

Defect to the Austrians


What did the insurrection committee order following Lafayette defection?

Arrest of all counter revolutionary


What did Marat fear the counter revolutionaries would do in prison?

They were plotting to break out of Prison and massacre Parisans.


What did Marat call for?

The execution of all counter revolutionary prisoners between 2 September and 5 September 1792.


How many Prisoners were killed?

1400 prisoners killed- majority ordinary prisoners


What did the Pairs Commune do about the massacre?

Paid the murders for their work


What were the last 5 pieces of legislation passed by the Legislative Assembly?

1) Deportation of Refractionary Priests
2) Abolition of all feudal dues.
3) House to house searches
4) Legalise divorce
5) Suspension of Louis.


What documents had been discovered during attack on Tuileres?

Documents that linked Marie and Louis to Austria and Prussia war effort


When did the national convention meet for the first time?

20 September 1792


When was the monarchy abolished and Republic declared?

21/22 September


What did the Sans-Culottes want to do with the King?

Execute him


What did the Girondin want to do with the King?

Imprison him


What two factor sealed Louis fait?

- letters between the Austrians and Louis.
- Marat insisted that all deputies declare there opinions on Louis fait publicly.


What was the vote for Louis death?

387 for death- 288 for prison


When was Louis executed?

21 January 1793


Why did Leopold II not intervene in the revolution?

He approved many of the liberal elements of the revolution reforms.