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How many prisoners were killed and what proportion were counter revolutionary?

1400 prisoner- 1/4 counter revolutionary


What happened at the Battle of Valmy

52,000 French troops defeated 34,000 Prussians- it marked the end of the first phase of the terror and was key to protecting Paris?


What was significant about the army at Valmy?

They had been summoned by the 11 July 1792 decree


When was the Battle of Valmy?

September 20 1792


When and what was the Decree of Fraternity?

19 November 1792- extend the revolution to the natural frontiers and to all people in any state wishing to overthrow the monarchy.


What was the significance of the Decree of Fraternity?

It went against the 1791 constitution


What was the effect of the Decree of French foreign affairs?

They posed a threat to the monarchies of Europe. The Great Powers became very concerned over French annexing of Nice and Savoy.


When did the French declare war on Britain and the Netherlands?

1 February 1793


What was the first coalition and when did it come together?

Anti French alliance created by Britain, with Netherlands, Spain, Austria and Prussia as leading members. It was a loose group created between March and September 1793, it did not have an official treaty binding its members.


What happened in 1793 as a result of the new war against the first coalition?

French lost territory in Belgium and the left bank with fighting returning to French soil.
A large scale rebellion broke out in the Vendee which would turn into civil war.


What did Dumouriez plot?

To march on Paris and overthrow the Convention


Who was Carnot?

A military engineer and captain of the royal army. He was elected to the national convention and legislative assembly.
A leading member of the CPS with orders to reorganise the army.


What were Carnot key reforms?

Reorganise army
Re-establish discipline
Lead by example in military matters


What were the effects of Carnots reforms?

French won the battle of Wattignes on 16 October 1793


What happened to the counter revolution by 1792?

It had collapsed


What was the Vendee rebellion?

Anti- revolution rather than counter. It was against the call for conscription to the war, large scale taxation and the ccc


When did the Vendee start and what was it caused by?

11 March 1793- Levee on Mass and large scale conscription


What was the result of the Vendee on the war?

30,000 troops were withdrawn in May 1793 to deal with the problem


Why was the Vendee never a serious problem?

They were not willing to move beyond a local base and guerrilla war meant the that to Paris was limited.


What was the economic crisis in 1793?

Printing money caused the value of the currency to fall by 50%
Bread was very scarce, with people having to pay 90% of wages on bread
Riots on food stores and grain- demands for more radical economic policy grew.


When were the September Massacre?

2-5 September 1792