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+Baddley acoustic and semantic

-KF - shallice and Warrington

-Elaborative rehearsal

-supporting studies are artificial, lack ex validity

-oversimple, LTM has separate stores


LTM types

+HM, Clive wearing - good semantic

-unusual sample and lack control

+tulving found E and S in the pre frontal cortex

-cohen and squire said this shows declarative memory

+Belleville said episodic memory can be improved through training in old people



+ KF shows visual and auditory separate

- central executive lacks clarity

+ braver founds central executive activity in pre frontal cortex

+ baddeley dual task performance



+lab studies consistently show PI and RI cause forgetting

-not generalisable as artificial and short time periods

+does have real life proof. Baddley and hitch had rugby players recall games played in last season


Misleading information

-damind characteristics

-lack external validity as real witnesses go through more effort to search memory because consequences are serious

-individual differences: more accurate at identifying criminals your own age, older less accurate than younger

-clips less stressful so little predicative value about EWT

-improve legal system as police taught how to phrase properly



Pickel 1998 show surprise tested not anxiety. Replicated with chicken, wallet

Field studies lack control so extraneous variables like post discussion may affect accuracy

Unethical as creating anxiety may cause psychological harm

Demand characteristics reduce validity


Cognitive interview

+Milne and bull said all elements are useful, especially in combination

-time consuming and requires training

-kohnken said it does increase correct info but also increases incorrect info gathered so must be treated with caution

-all police forces and studies use different versions so difficult to see effectiveness