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Episodic memory

Stores events.

They're complex - time stamped, involve several elements and must make a conscious effort to recall them.


Semantic memory

Stores knowledge.

Less personal, more about knowledge we all share.


Procedural memory

Stores actions / skills.

Recall occurs without awareness.


STRENGTH: case study evidence.

HM and clive wearing both had amnesia. Had difficulty recalling events but their semantic memory was unaffected. Different stores in LTM.


STRENGTH: application to improvement of memory.

Belleville (2006) found episodic memory can be improved with training. Aids development of treatments.


LIMITATION: case study issues

Lack control of variables, such as personality variables and location of damage.
Unusual sample difficult to generalize.


LIMITATION: only 2 types of LTM

Cohen and squire (1980) argued episodic and semantic stored together as declarative memory.