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Frose (3)

The Palm by Whispering Angel
Mixed Berry

M: Pour
Build: Pour & Garnish
Ice: N/A
Glass: Wine Glass
Garnish: Three skewered raspberries (through the belly button

Sell: Trendy refreshing frozen wine cocktail

The Frose trend created a new category consisting of frozen wine cocktails that suppliers and restaurants now use in addition to classic beverage categories


Peach Passe (4)

Kyle G's Ezra Brooks Barrel Proof Bourbon Blend
Peach Sous Vide
Blood Orange

M: Pour
Build: Pour batch over big cube, fill to ice line
Ice: Large cube
Glass: Rocks
Garnish: Skewered dehydrated peach and orange swath

Sell: Unique peach Old Fashioned with subtle peach flavors made with our Barrel Pick Ezra Brooks

Sous vide is a method of cooking in which food is placed in a container and submerged in a water bath and cooked at longer than usual cooking times


Blue Barracuda (6)

Tiki Lovers Pineapple Rum
Dark Rum
Cruzan Black Strap
Flaming Lime

M: Pour into tiki mug with crushed ice / Swizzle
Build: Pour with ice
Ice: Crushed
Glass: Tiki mug
Garnish: Re-used juiced lime for flame, pineapple leaf & orchid

Sell: Strong rum cocktail with uniquie of flavors of passionfruit, almond and molasses

Blackstrap rum is extremely dark with robust flavors of coffee and molasses


White Linen (5)

Kettle One Grapefruit and Rose
Baby's Breath

M: Pour/shake
Build: Overfill collins with ice, pour batch over ice, shake and dirty dump
Ice: Dirty Dump
Glass: Collins
Garnish: Baby's Breath

Sell: Clean and fresh vodka cocktail with botanical flavors

Kettle One's line of botanical vodka is made with real botanicals and infused with natural fruit essences


Cucumber Portside / Cocktail for Two (5)

Sour Vide Cucumber-Infused Hendricks
Calamansi Lime

M: Pour
Build: Pour water out of porthole, replace with 10oz of Portside batch
Ice: Large Cube in each glass
Glass: 2 Rocks glasses
Garnish: Erect cucumber and mint

Sell: Unique, refreshing gin infused cocktail for two

A porthole is a simple cold infusion vessel used to create striking cocktails


Classy (4)

Grey Goose White Peach Rosemary
Fever Tree Club soda

M: Pour
Build: Pour 2.5oz batch into glass with ice, top with soda
Ice: Cold draft ice
Glass: Collins
Garnish: 2 lime wheels & 2 lemon wheels in cocktail

Sell: Elevated version of the ever-so-popular vodka, soda, cran

Grey Goose is made in France but in 2006 the us accounted for 96% of the brand's total sales


Boujee (4)

Grey Goose Strawberry Lemongrass
White Cranberry
Lillet Blanc

M: Pour
Build: Pour 2.5oz batch into glass with ice, top with soda
Ice: Cold draft ice
Glass: Boujee Goblet
Garnish: Strawberries, blueberries, and lemon grass

Sell: Vodka cocktail for the luxurious and lavish with sweet and fresh flavors

"Boujee" comes from the French word "bourgeois" that is used to describe people, things or places that are high class


Savage (4)

Grey Goose Watermelon Basil

M: Pour
Build: Pour 2.5oz batch into glass with ice, top with soda
Ice: Cold draft ice
Glass: Rocks
Garnish: Grapefruit and basil

Sell: Strong, unique craft vodka for the fierce

Megan Thee Stallion won a Grammy for best rap song in 2021 for her collaboration with Beyonce on the hit single "Savage"


Hotti Botti (3)

New Amsterdam Gin
Ancho Reyes
Spicy & Dirty

M: Shake/strain
Build: Pour 3.5oz batch into tin, shake and strain
Ice: N/A
Glass: Martini
Garnish: Three skewered pepper stuffed olives

Sell: Spicy, flavorful gin martini

Names after our own Sam Botti who is a gin enthusiast and is also hot and spicy


Orange Creamsicle (6)

Brugal 1888
Heavy Cream
Greek Yogurt

M: Isi whipping canister
Build: Isi
Ice: N/A
Glass: Snifter
Garnish: Orange swath

Sell: Creamy, frothy, creamsicle, with orange and citrus notes

Brugal 1888 is rum that is double distilled and double aged in American oak followed by sherry casks