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What is indefiniteness?

When terms of a bargain are not sufficiently definite to show a deal was concluded


What Are some clues that indefiniteness is present?

If contract doesn't say price, quantity, payment terms


What is to be done about indefiniteness?

Courts can use gap fillers


If a party has partly performed an indefinite contract, what happens?

Courts often enforce the promise. Ie: contract for beans without saying which kind or quality, but S sends and be accepts delivery of pinto beans, so this identifies the subject matter and shows parties thought they had a contract


If a contract explicitly reserves A material term to be determined in the future, when is the agreement enforceable?

Is forcible immediately but doesn't create an obligation until parties actually return agreement


If one party keep unlimited power to decide terms of an agreement, what kind of agreement is that?

An illusory one


If under the UCC someone makes an employment contract where they will pay as much as they wish, is that enforceable?

Yes, the party that will fix the price has to act in good faith or else the other party can cancel the contract or set a reasonable price himself


Is a promise to do something quote as soon as I am able" enforceable?

Yes, because the party's ability is capable of objective determination


If parties and turn agreement with the understanding that a formal written contract will be made, and then it doesn't happen, what are the two different views about that?

Depends on the intent of the parties:
- intent that the writing just be a memorial: agreement enforceable
- intent that the writing be the consummation of the agreement, agreement not enforceable until formal written contract executed


What is a preliminary agreement?

Agreements between the parties in contemplation of a future contract


What are the two different kinds of preliminary agreements?

- those contemplating formalization: intent was to formalize so binding as a contact at the time of making
- those contemplating further negotiation: only binding if parties agreed to negotiate together the undecided terms in good faith in the future


What are the different views about a contract that lacks price?

- Old view: fatal
- ucc/modern rule: reasonable price applied if there is an objective standard


If a contract doesn't specify time for performance, is that fatal?

Not usually because courts can fill with reasonable time depending on nature of the contract and prior dealings