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Does The UCC demand that an offer specify time?

No, courts will imply a reasonable time if one is not specified


What does the UCC say about when payment is due?

Due at the time and place the buyer will receive the goods if not otherwise specified


What does UCC say about delivery?

Die at a reasonable time and should occur at the seller's place of business


Why is an agreement to agree not considered indefinite?

Because of the implied promise to negotiate in good faith based on reasonably objective standards and fair market values


How Can the law save ambiguous terms?

By using experts to decide what the language means


What Is the subject matter when it comes to real estate?

The description of the land and the price


If contract language says a sufficient amount of land, is that enough?

No.That is ambiguous and it has to be clear and certain


What is The subject matter of employment or service contract?

The term of employment measured by time or task


What is the majority rule that comes to protecting employees when they start working even if there wasn't really a good offer?

Obligation for the contract to be employment at will


What does it mean that an offer has to be communicated?

It must be communicated and the offeree has to know about the offer in order to accept it and must understand it


Is it okay for an offeree to learn about an offer in any way?



What is a crossing offer problem?

When both parties send letters to one another offering the same thing


Example of a crossing offer problem?

Offering to sell you my house for $100,000 and you offered to buy it for $100,000


What are The two different views about crossing offer problems?

- Classical view: no contract
- modern view: contract is offer you complete performance with knowledge of offer
- majority rule from Moye: crossing offers don't form a contract because neither knows about the offer, so it isn't communicated


What is required for a public offer?

The offeree must know about the offer before completing performance


If You return someone's watch not knowing there was a reward for it, can you get the reward after?

No, because you have to know about an offer before completing performance


What does is it mean to have an identified offeree for an offer?

Offer can only be accepted by the identified offeree, and the offer is personal to that offeree


How does the identified offeree component of a public offer work?

When someone with knowledge of the offer performs it, they become the identified offeree


What Is the majority rule to figure out how many identified offerees there are in an offer?

- look to the objective intention of the offeror to figure out how many identified offerees there were
- ask what a reasonable person would think the offeror wanted


Option contract?

Consideration in exchange for a promise to keep the offer open


Another way that an option contract can arise?

What an offeree begins to perform the act requested in a unilateral contract


If consideration is present in an option contract, what does that do to the offer?

Makes it irrevocable


How can you terminate an irrevocable offer?

- lapse of time
- death or destruction of person or thing essential for performance
- supervening legal prohibition of the proposed contract
**** rejection, revocation,


How Can you terminate an offer through conduct?

By doing an act that prevents performance


What are The two major ways that offers get terminated?

offeror revokes or the offeree rejects


What are the ways that an offeree can reject an offer?

Words or conduct


If an offeree rejects an offer can it be revived later?



What are the two major categories of rejection of an offer?

Express and implied


What Is an express rejection of an offer?

Refusal by saying no or giving a counter offer


When is an express rejection of an offer effective?

When The offeror or his agent receives it


What do you need to be careful about with express rejections of offers?

Exams often have a back-and-forth communication involving a counter offer that eventually comes back to original terms, but remember that the offer is terminated and it never revives


I offered to sell my car for $10,000 in the letter and you write back saying you'll pay $75,000, what has happened?

Counter offer that has rejected the first offer and killed it, so the first offer will never revive


I offered to sell you my car for $10,000 and you write back saying you'll pay $75,000, and I write back saying no, what has happened?

I Have rejected the counter offer


If I offered to sell my car for $10,000 and you write back saying you'll pay $75,000 and I write back say no, and you write saying you'll pay $10,000, has a contact informed?

No because there has only been an offer and no acceptance


What is an implied rejection of an offer?

Happens by doing nothing and letting an offer lapse


What are the majority and minority views on when rejection of an offer is effective?

- Majority: effective when received, regardless of whether you read or know it
- minority: effective on dispatch and never revives


What is a counter offer?

An offeree's response to your offer that shows a willingness to be bound but on different terms


If you respond to an offer with just an inquiry, is that considered a counter offer?

No, the original offer stays open


What is the exception to counter offers?

Option holders have the right to make counter offers during the option. And it doesn't terminate the option unless the offeree reasonably relied to his detriment on the counter offer


How do you revoke an offer?

When the offeror withdraws his offer so that it can't be accepted anymore


What Kind of offers are revocable?

All of with a few exceptions


Express revocation of an offer?

Words or writing directly stating an offer is no longer open


What do public office require in the way of a revocation?

The revocation be published in the same manner or comparable medium and it is sufficient even when a member of the public never learned of the revocation


If a city has an arsonist problem and they put a reward on the public TV, but the TV station burns down, so they use the radio to revoke the offer, is that okay?

Yes, so long as the radio is a comparable medium


Does the UCC Demand that price be included in an offer?

No, parties can establish price later based on what is reasonable at the time of delivery


If an offer wasn't to the public originally, can a revocation to the public count?



What are exceptions to revocation of an offer?

- Option contracts that have been detrimentally relied on
- unilateral contracts where the offeree has begun to perform the requested act or detrimentally relied
- statutes that preclude revocations


What is the old and modern rules for when a unilateral offer can be revoked?

- Old rule: can be revoked until offeree has completed performance
- New rule: until performance has begun unless it isn't completed within a reasonable time


An offer for a unilateral contract includes what implied promise?

Implied promise to hold it open for a reasonable time. if the offeree makes an extensive beginning of performance before revocation and that beginning in reliance on the implied promise is what makes it irrevocable