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What does it Mean to receive goods?

Take physical possession of them


What does it mean to accept goods?

Buyer indicates intention to keep them


If items have been received and accepted, under the UCC, is a record needed to be enforceable?

No, because that creates an unambiguous admission by both parties that a contract actually exists


Under the UCC, if part payment has happened, what does that give rise to?

Partial enforcement. Contract enforceable only for goods that payment was made/accepted for


If there has been part payment under the UCC, and just apportionment cannot be made, what should happen?

Entire contract will be enforceable


If someone admits in court that a contract was made, what extent will that contract be enforceable for?

Not beyond the quantity of goods admitted


What are the two views on rescinding or modifying contracts orally?

- Majority: a contract that satisfies SOF an be orally rescinded
- Minority: cannot be modified by oral agreement


What are the two views on the effect of noncompliance with SOF?

- majority: contract unenforceable/voidable but not void
- Minority: contract is void


What are the major remedies available for SOF?

- Quasi-contract
- equitable remedies
- restoration of status quo
- promissory estoppel
- constructive trust


What is the remedy under SOF for quasi contract?

Recovery of reasonable value of the benefit conferred, or other expenses incurred in reliance


What are the equitable remedies available under the SOF?

Specific Restitution, like cancellation of a conveyance, if plaintiff can show by clear and convincing evidence that there was an oral promise beyond a reasonable doubt


Is promissory estoppel recognized in goods cases under the UCC?

No, they have their own ways to satisfy SOF


What is a modification to a contract?

A new agreement between the parties that takes into account the old one, but ads or subtracts duties or rights, and must have consideration


What are the two views on modifications to contracts?

- CL: need mutual assent and consideration
- UCC: need mutual assent, but no consideration if modifications made in good faith (need a definite/seasonable acceptance, and can't be expressly conditioned on agreement for new/different terms)


If a modification to a contract is assented to under protest, what happens?

It is set aside for duress (CL and UCC)