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Who does the Merit System not apply too?

Elective Officers, Positions on appointive boards, Persons under contract to supply expert, professional or technical services or Volunteers


During the term of service of an active council member any member of that council members family may not...

Become an employee


True or False, no employee shall serve on a hiring board or be a direct supervisor for any immediate family members



What is a "Designated Employee"

A council appointed officer or assistant city manager


How many days before a demotion shall an employee receive a written notice?

5 days


True or False, a regular employee has the right to appeal a termination of employment



If any employee and council member or designated employee become members of the same immediate family, one of the persons must leave city employment or their elective office. How many days to the two persons have to make that decision?

30 days


Who should be notified if two employees of the same department become members of the same immediate family?

Department head and Director of Human Resources


For employees working a regular 40 hour work week, how often and at what rate do they receive sick leave.

Sick leave is accured bi-weekely provided the employee has been in a pay status for 50% or more. Sick leave shall be accured at the rate of 3.7 hours per bi-weekly pay period.


Employees hired after _____________ has a limit of _________hours of sick leave

December 1, 1983 has a limit of 1000 hours of sick leave.


Once sick leave is depleted or the begining of the period to be covered by payments under the disability group insurance coverage, an employee may be granted a disability leave of absence without pay for no more than how many days?

60 days


If an employee is approved to disability leave of absence, when they would like to return back to work they must provide a ____ day notice

30 days


An employee with less than 4 years of service receive how many vacation hours?

80 hours


An employee with 4 but no more than 9 years of service will receive how many vacation hours?

120 Hours


An employee with 9 but no more than 14 years of service will receive how many vacation hours?

160 hours


An employee with 14 but no more than 19 years of service will receive how many vacation hours?

180 hours


An employee with 19 or more years of service will receive how many vacation hours?

200 hours


What Federal Acts allow employees to go on unpaid leave, unless the employee elects to use sick, vacation and other time on the books.

Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA-federal) and California's Moore-Brown-Roberti Family Rights Act (CFRA-state)


When there is death in an employees immediate family, the employee will receive...

3 days of paid leave


True or False, an employee may not use a reasonable amount of work time in conferring about and presenting a grievance.



Any retroactivity on monetary grievances shall be limited to the date of the occurrence except.....

Except in no case will retroactivity be granted prior to three months before the grievance was filed in writing.


What is the first step in the Grievance procedure?

Step 1: Attempt to resolve grievance through informal discussions with immediate supervisor by the end of the 10th calendar day following the incident upon which the grievance is based.


What is the second step int he Grievance procedure?

If not resolved by Step 1, employee will reduce the grievance to writing and submit copies to his division head or equivalent level management employee and the Director of Human Resources within 10 calendar days of the discussion with his immediate supervisor


What is the third step in the Grievance procedure?

Step 3: If not resolved at Step 2, the employee may appeal to his department head in writing within 10 calendar days of the receipt of the division head's response.


What is the fourth step in the Grievance procedure?

Step 4: If not resolved by Step 3, an employee may appeal decision of department head to the City Manager within 10 days. If employee wishes to have their grievance reviewed by a "fact-finder" they must indicate that in their written grievance to the city manager.


If employee elects to submit their grievance to fact finding, then all parties may agree on a fact finder or...

The parties will request a panel of 5 facts finders from the State Mediation and Conciliation Service. The parties will then strike names off the list of five until only 1 remains.


Who pays for the cost of fact finding for the grievance?

The costs will be shared by both parties


In a grievance, The city manager will render a decision to all parties with in how many days after receiving the employee's appeal, or after receipt of the fact-finder's report?

15 days


With a grievance regarding disciplinary action, the city manager will do what in 30 days of receipt of the employees appeal

The city manager shall conduct a hearing


What is the grievance chain of command?

Informal discussion with supervisor--> Written grievance to division head and Director of Human Resources--> written grievance to department head--> written grievance to City Manager.