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What is the Policy 300?

Use of Force


Any Officer present during a use of force that is clearly beyond which is objectively reasonable under the circumstances shall...

When in a position to do so, intercede to prevent the use of such excessive force. It should also be reported


Officers shall only use that amount of force....

That reasonably appears necessary


What is Reasonableness of force?

The force must be judged from the perspective of a reasonable officer on the scene at the time of the incident.


835(a) PC

Any peace officer that has reasonable cause to believe that the person to be arrested has committed a public offense may use reasonable force to effect the arrest, prevent escape, or overcome resistance of the person being arrested, or deemed aggressor or lose right to self-defense.


Factors to consider in a use of force situation

Conduct, under the influence, weapons, ability to resist, time and circumstances, serious offenses, training and experience, potential injury, risk of escape, other exigent circumstances.


What is non-deadly force?

Any force that is not reasonably intended to create death or serious injury


What are "Pain Compliance Techniques"

Effective in controlling a passive or actively resisting individual. Only those techniques officer has received training and appears necessary may be used.


When can an officer use the Carotid

Only officers who have successfully completed department approved training may use it. May only be used when necessary to prevent serious injury or death to an officer or other.


How often should an officer receive training in the Carotid?

Every 2 years.


What should be documented in a use of force report?

Any use of force that causes visible injury or apparent physical injury. (Type of force, reason for, description of injuries and treatment rendered.)


When should a Supervisor be notified about a possible use of force?

When force has caused physical injury, compliant of pain, application of control device, rendered unconscious, us of carotid.


All use of force incidents will be entered and tracked in what system?

IA Pro Computer System


Who is on the Deadly Force Review Board?

Captain, P&T Supervisor, Range Master and Driving Instructor (if needed)


Of the Deadly Force Review Board, how many members on the board may ask questions of the involved employee if an expressed waiver from the employee is not given?

No more than 2 board members may ask questions


What is Policy 302?

Deadly Force


When may an officer use their firearm?

- To protect self or others from imminent threat of death or serious injury.
-Effect the arrest or prevent escape of a suspected felon, when officers had PC to believe the suspect has committed or intends to commit a violent felony involving serious injury or death and officer believes there is an imminent or future potential risk of serious bodily injury or death to others if not apprehended immediately.
-To stop a dangerous animal
-Target Practice


How often will officers be trained in control devices?

CPT every 2 years


What if officers fail to demonstrate proficiency in a control device?

Officers will be provided remedial training and after 2 additional attempts if they still do not show proficiency, officer may be subject to discipline.


When can an RCB be used?

Authorized when lesser force would not reasonably appear to result in the safe control of the suspect.


What is Policy 304?

Shooting Policy


What is Policy 308?

Control Devices and Techniques


What is the minimum recommended distance for a Kinetic Energy Projectile?

10 yards


What considerations should an officer take into consideration when they have responded to an Excited Delirium situation

-Request PAFD
-If possible, keep a safe distance, evaluate, and try to gain voluntary compliance.


When may the Taser be used?

When there is an immediate threat of violence or force upon an officer with the ability to carry out.


When using a Kinetic Energy Projectile, what areas should be avoided on a persons body?

Head, neck, groin, spine, unless there is a life threatening


How many taser cartridges should an officer carry on their person while on duty?

2 taser cartridges


Unless it is impractical or it would endanger the officer what should be given prior to the activation of a Taser?

A Verbal and visual warning (laser dot)


What areas on a person's body should be avoided when activating a Taser?

Head, neck, groin and chest


An Officer should not apply more than ___ 5 second cycles when using a taser.

No more than 3