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Why do we describe our government as a democracy?

Because the people of our country decide who sits in parliament and make our laws.


What is a bicameral parliament?

A parliament with two houses


What are the three parts to our Commonwealth government?

The lower house: House of Representatives
The upper house: Senate
The queen: represented by the Governor -General


What is a unicameral parliament?

A parliament with only one house


Which state abolished it's upper house and is now a unicameral parliament?



What are the main features of the House of Representatives?

It has 150 members elected for three years. They each represent an electorate or seat. Most legislation is introduced into this house.


What are the main features of the Senate?

It acts as a house of review having a second-look at legislation. They vote on new proposals before it becomes a law. It contains 76 members. The 6 states elect 12 each and the 2 territories elect 2 each.


How often is an election called?

Every three years


What are the four major political parties?

Labor Party, Liberal Party, The Nationals and The Greens


When are the elections?

Every three years on a Saturday during 8am and 6pm. The winning party would be announced after counting the votes, generally 3 or 4 hours after the polls close.


What does the state government contribute to the environment?

Air and water quality, residential noise and forestry management.


What does the federal government contribute to the environment?

Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act. They protect important or national heritage sites including areas of the coast.


What is the name of the territory parliament's upper house?

Legislative Assembly- only one house


What are reserve powers?

Powers that the governor-general has to summon, open and dissolve parliament.


Leaders of all major political parties:

Bill Shorten is the leader of the Labor Party
Malcolm Turnbull is the leader of the Liberal Party
Barnaby Joyce is the leader of the the Nationals
Richard Di Natale is the leader of the Greens


What power does the federal parliament have over the territory parliaments that don't apply to state parliaments?

The federal parliament can retain the power to overrule or change the laws passed into territory parliaments