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What is a push-factor?

Reasons that encourages people to leave a place and go somewhere else. E.g. Poverty, water scarcity, water stress, war, drought


What is a pull-factor?

Positive aspects of a place that attract people to live in that place. E.g. Employment opportunities, lots of produce and liveability and lifestyle


Four factors that influence the liveability of a place?

1. Available Resources (money)
2. Employment
3. Relationships with other people (for example, wanting to be near family or moving for a partner's job)
4. Lifestyle


What is urban decay?

Situation in which a city area has fallen into a state of disrepair through its people leaving the area or not having enough resources to look after them


What does remote mean?

Describes a place that is distant from major population centres.


What is FIFO?

Fly in, fly out, describes workers who fly to work in remote places, work4-,8- or 12-day shift and then fly home.


What does sparse mean?

Thinly scattered or unevenly disturbed; often used when referring to population density.


What is horticulture?

The growing garden crops such as fruit, vegetables, herbs and nuts.


What is irrigation?

Water provided to crops and orchards by sea, channels, sprays, or drip systems in order to supplement rainfall.


Why did so many soldier settlements fail after WW1?

So many of these settlements failed because the soldiers were not cut out for farming, the farms were very small and farmers didn't have enough money to invest in stock or equipment.


Why do people live in rural areas?

Some people live in rural areas because they are involved in primary industries. Others provide services.


What does it mean by 'others provide services'?

People who work in schools, restaurants or hospitals to meet the needs of primary industry workers.


2 natural factors that attract people to Griffith

Fertile land and flat land


2 human factors that attract people to Griffith

Primary industries and a quieter lifestyle than the city


What is sea change?

the act of leaving a fast-paced urban life for a more relaxing lifestyle in a small coastal town
E.g. a person who leaves to Lorne


What is tree change?

the act of leaving a fast-paced urban life for a more relaxing lifestyle in a small country town, in the bush, or on the land as a farmer
E.g. a person who leaves their life in Fitzroy and goes to Bendigo


Why has Melbourne been voted the world's most liveable city to love in?

Melbourne has been voted to be the most liveable city to live in because there is a lot of employment and has a healthy lifestyle. The city is multi-cultural making it easy to find any family members or any religious people around. The voting was very high with Melbourne scoring 100 for Infrastructure, Healthcare and Education. It's Stability is 95 and Culture and Environment 95.1