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For children, who participates the most

Under 15's, very likely to be involved
Usually, Sunday school and religious playgroups


For the elderly, who is most involved

Over 65's as they have the strongest beliefs
Can't always attend churches


For middle age people, who participates the most?

Middle age are likely to be involved in NRMS
Sects and cults which provide messages of relationships and companionship


Evidence and reasons why women attend church more than men

Going to church and taking children seen as tradition
Differential socialisation: women are conformists
Likely to want the community feel


Feminist views of women's participation

Beauvoir: images of gender appear to be equal but they're not, women are lied to by believing they are closer to god

Holm: many exploit and subordinate women which gives the men dominant roles


What's women's participation like in NRM's

Women generally participate in sects
Many established by women
Due to deprivation affecting women not men
Men interested in NRM's of knowledge
Ecology and science
New Age for women emphasises female characteristics
Some narrow believed don't appeal to women


What's ethnic minorities participation like in religion

Allows them to maintain identity and sense of community
Young muslims: greater knowledge than parents and girls feel liberated by head scarf


Religious participation of class

MC likely to be Quakers
WC likely to be methodists
Backs up Marxism

Generally greater in MC as it is a desirable characteristic
Social networking