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For weber, does religion provide change or conservation?

Religious ideas of Calvinism brought about social change


How did Weber use Calvinism to show religion can bring social change

Calv has two elements:
Predestination: life and heaven are predetermined
Ascetic ideal: working hard in your job reduced this anxiety

Brought about social change as people moved towards capitalism as they worked hard and increased capital


Nelson and McGuire argued that religion causes social change. Depending on what 4 factors

Belief: strong moral code, stronger the change
Culture: close to centre of society or not
Social location: is it linked with other institutions
Internal organisation: higher the power, higher the cause of change


Do Fundamentalists believe religion is a force of change or conservation

Seek to return to basics of faith using literal interpretations
They want change to return to previous mode of living
Traditional values


Examples of fundamentalism

Islamic fundamentalism in Iran
Shah law made things more liberal so Sharia Law

Christian fundamentalism in USA
Society is in decline, moral crisis, promote mass communication


Fundamentalists view of globalisation

See it as undermining religion
Westernisation is liberal
Consumerism and materialism distracts from tradition