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What is an atom?

1. Building block of matter
2. Microscopic structure gives matter different properties
3. Properties of substance - type of atom
• normally bonded in compounds/ molecules
•NOBLE GASES- only atoms found individually


What is a compound?

1. Group of 2 or more different atoms that are attracted to each other by relatively strong forces
2. Combined in definite proportions


What are covalent molecular structures?

1. Small molecules
2. Separate molecules
3. No metals

Water(H2O) ; oxygen( O2)
Sulfur( S8) ; Buckyballs( C40)


What are Network structures?

Giant repeating lattice structures


Types of network structures

Covalent network structures
Ionic network structures
Metallic network structures


What are examples of covalent network structures?

Diamond (C)
Graphite (C)
Silica (SiO2)


What are ionic network structures?

1. All results of ionic bonding = network structures

Sodium chloride (NaCl)
Barium Sulfate ( BaSO4)
Silver Iodine (AgI)


What are metallic network structures?

1. All metals are network structures

Copper (Cu)
Iron (Fe)
Gold (Au)


What is an ionic substance?

Combination of ions bonded together into giant molecules


What is crystal lattice?

Arrangement of ions in a regular geometric structure


What is electronegativity?

1. Property of an atom describing how strongly it attracts/ holds onto electrons