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The rules of optical density?

1. Materials with a HIGH optical density slow down the most.
2. Gives a measure of the sluggishness of the particles as they transmit energy from one particle to the next through the medium
3. HIGHER optical density = HIGHER refractive index
4. Light bends TOWARDS normal - enters medium of HIGHER optical density
5. Light bends AWAY FROM normal- enters medium of LOWER optical density


What is refraction?

1. The bending of light when it passes from one medium to another medium of different optical density
2. The bending occurs because light travels at different speeds in different media
3. When refraction occurs, the speed and wavelength of light change, but the frequency remains constant


What is snell's law?

n1sin@1= n2sin@2


Real and apparent depth?

n=real depth. (Refractive index is always > 1)
apparent depth

1. Light travels along a straight line of sight to our eyes
- when lights bends entering a new medium, we think that the light has travelled in a straight line from object
2. We see an optical illusion
3. Object is 1,5 x bigger/ further