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Which initiative of Franklin Roosevelt (FDR) encapsulates the Democrat preference for bigger government and more spending?

The New Deal.


Historically, the Republicans were the anti-slavers and the Democrats in favour. What changed?

FDR's New Deal and the civil rights legislation of JFK and LBJ (all Democrats) caused many voters to switch sides.


Which party is more likely to support abortion, gun control, more leniency towards immigrants, and pro-environmental policy?

The Dems.


Complete this quotation from Nancy Pelosi, and explain its significance: "Of course it's possible to be pro-life...`

...and a Democrat." This shows that the parties are broad church - they encompass a range of beliefs.


What did Susan Collins (Rep Senator for Maine) vote against in 2017 which showed her independence?

Trump's repeal of Obama-era regulations against drilling on public land.


Massachusetts, NY and California pretty much always vote for which party?



Give three reasons for the rise of partisanship.

Here are four:
1. Reagan. He wooed right-leaning Dems away from their party, and made it harder for moderates to remain in the Republicans;
2. The collapse of the USSR ended the foreign policy consensus based around a common enemy;
3. Partisan presidents who don't govern from the centre: Reagan, GWB, Obama, Trump.
4. Echo chambers largely caused by social media.


Name three liberal, or progressive, Dems.

Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandra Occasio-Cortez


Name two moderate Dems.

Chuck Schumer (Senate minority leader), Diane Feinstein (Senator for CA)


Which Democrat House faction represents the right of the party, and give an example?

Blue Dog Democrats. Kirsten Gilibrand, NY Senator and Dem presidential nomination candidate, was a Blue Dog.


What would a fiscal conservative favour?

Reducing the size and cost of government, and greater freedom for individuals and businesses.


What would a social conservative favour?

Tighter laws on abortion, drugs, homosexuality and probably the promotion of religion.


Which 1972 book by David Broder suggested that the main parties were in near-terminal decline?

The Party's Over.


Since 2004, what percentage of the popular vote in presidential elections have the Reps and Dems, combined, achieved?



"The era of big government is over." So said whom, and why is it surprising?

Bill Clinton; because Dems are usually in favour of bigger government.


What is surprising about GWB's "No child left behind" policy?

Republicans usually prefer states' rights over big government, but the policy extended federal reach into education.


In 1997, how did the Washington Post describe the similarities between the two parties?

"The country has two Republican parties, separated by the issue of abortion."


Why could the US be said to have not a two party system but a 50 party system?

Because parties have no national leader, and attitudes within and between states vary hugely.


Some say the Tea Party is so called because Tea is an acronym. Of what?

Taxed enough already.


What's a RINO?

Republican In Name Only - a term used by more right wing Reps to describe their more centrist colleagues.


Name three Republican politicians to have received Tea Party support.

Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz (both Senators, both candidates for the 2016 presidential nomination), Donald Trump


When was the last presidential election in which a majority of women voted Republican?``



By what percentage did women voters prefer Clinton to Trump?

12 - 54% to 42% (abut the same as in 2012 and 2008, so having a female candidate against an opponent who boasted of his sexual exploits didn't seem to make much difference)


Why might more women vote Dem than Rep?

Dems usually have more women-friendly policies and more female candidates.


What percentage of Latino voters did Clinton win in 2018?

66% (v similar to 2008, but less than 2012's 71%)


Conservative analyst Charles Krauthammer has written that Hispanics should vote Rep. Why, and why don't they?

They tend to be a socially conservative community which strives to better themselves. However, they prefer the Dems on a range of other issues, including immigration and healthcare.


In 2008, Obama had a 91 point advantage among black voters over John McCain, and 87 point advantage over Romney in 2012. What was Clinton's over Trump?



What was a key driver of voting intention in 2016 which had not previously been so evident?

Education. College graduates backed Clinton by a 9% margin, and those without a degree backed Trump by 8% - by far the widest gap since 1980.


Roughly what percentage of all Protestants vote Rep?



Roughly what percentage of evangelical Christians vote Rep?