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Explain what a hazard is

Anything that can contaminate food or cause harm to the consumer e.g. a fridge with above 5 degrees Celsius


Explain what a control measure is

An area in the food preparation production system where a hazard could occur which must be controlled or minimised e.g. storing perishable foods in a fridge where the temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius


What are the potential hazards when preparing foods?

Bacterial or chemical contamination of food
Multiplication of bacteria
Cross contamination


When preparing food what control measures should be put in place?

- use foods within date and with quality assurance marks;
- wash hands with antibacterial soap before and after
handling food; handle food as little as possible;


Outline a HACCP plan that should be followed when preparing and barbequing food.

Purchasing ingredients;
- growth of bacteria
+ buy from a store where there is a food safety management system e.g. HACCP in place

Transportation of raw ingredients
- growth of microorganisms
+ transport perishable foods in cooler bags or boxes to prevent them reaching the danger zone for microbial growth

Storage of food before use
- cross contamination
+ store meat at the bottom of the fridge and on a plate to prevent drip contamination which can cause food poisoning

- biological contaminants
+ keep food covered up until use to prevent contamination of the food with flies, dirt or hair

- Undercooked meat causing food poisoning
+ Continuously flip the meat when grilling/barbequing to ensure the meat is cooked thoroughly and not just browned on the outside

- bacterial growth
+ serve food immediately using clean tongs or gloves to prevent cross contamination and the cooling of food as room temperature food gives rise to bacterial growth