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What path do the testicles take to the scrotum during development?


What is cryptorchidism?


Testicles descend from the abdomen, through the inguinal ring, into the superior scrotum and finally settle into the scrotum.


A failure of the testicles to fully descend into the scrotum



What controls testicle descent?


What are some complications of cryptorchidism?


hCG controls descent


Mostly infertility, but increases the risk of germ cell tumors as well.  



What commonly causes epididymitis?



What sign is positive in epididymitis?


UTI if >35yo

STI if <35yo

Usually gonorrhea, chylamydia, TB, E coli, or Pseudomonas


Prehn's sign (relief when testes are elevated)



What is orchitis?


What causes it?


Inflammation of the testis


TB, mumps, HIV, syphilis, spread from epididymitis

*20% of adult mumps infection result in orchitis



What is testicular torsion?


What symptoms will the patient have?


Twisting of the spermatic cord to cut off the venous/arterial supply that can cause infarction


Sudden onset of pain, Negative Prehn's sign



What are the clinical findings in testicular cancer?


What are risk factors for testicular cancer?


Unilateral PAINLESS mass in the testicle



Testicular Feminization (androgen insensitvity)

Klinefelter's syndrome- XXY



What are the three classes of testicular tumors? 


(This is the most general classification)


Germ Cell Tumors

Stromal Cell Tumors




What are the two classes of testicular germ cell tumors?


What defines a tumor as one or the other?


Seminomas, Non-seminomas


A tumor is considered a seminoma if it's PURELY seminoma cells; mixed tumors may have elements of both types, but are treated like non-seminomas





What is ITGCN?


What abnormalities are seen?


Intratubular germ cell neoplasia; a precursor to germ-cell tumors


aneuploidy, Isochromosome 12p, atypical enlargemet in cells, absent spermatogenesis



What blood markers are seen in seminomas?


What is seen on histology in seminomas?



hCG might be elevated


Fibrous septa with lympocyte infiltrate, square nuclei



What are the four classes of non-seminoma testicular cancers?


How are these cells identified?



Embryonal carcinoma

Yolk Sac tumors



usually immunohistochemistry; remember, it is VERY COMMON for one tumor to contain multiple types of non-seminoma cells and even seminoma cells



What is the difference in treatment between seminomas and non-seminomas?




Tumors constrained in the testicle are treated by orchiectomy for both


If tumor has spread, both can be treated chemotherapy, but ONLY seminomas are radiosensitive



What blood markers are seen in embryonal carcinoma?


What is seen on histology?


hCG may be elevated


Gland-like structure formation, vesicular nuclei



What blood markers are seen in yolk sac tumors?


What is seen on histology?


Alpha-feto protein is elevated


Schiller-Duval bodies, microcyst formation



What blood markers are seen in teratomas?


What is seen on histology?




Multiple somatic tissues, including lung, muscle, cartilage, etc.  




What blood markers are seen in choriocarcinoma?


What is seen on histology?



Elevated hCG


syncytiotrophoblasts, intermediate trophoblasts, and mononuclear cytotrophoblasts 




What are the two testicular stromal cancers?


Leydig Cell Tumors

Sertoli Cell Tumors



How are Leydig cell tumors treated?


What is seen on histology?


Treated with orchiectomy, but retroperitoneal lymph node dissection is required if malignant


Clear cytoplasm, un-nested cells



What symptoms are seen in a Sertoli cell tumor?


What is seen on histology?


Estrogen production results in gynecomastia and impotence


linear "cords" of cells 



What is an adenomatoid tumor?


What is the prognosis?


A mesothelial tumor of the epididymis which may extend into the rete testis or spermatic cord.  


There are ALWAYS benign 



What pathologies can affect the testicular tunic?'



What pathology can affect the spermatic cord?



Benign Papillary Mesothelioma


Vasitis Nodosa, usually a reaction to a vasectomy

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