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Reasons for Westward Expansion

- the land was cheap
- some of the tobacco lands had been over farmed


Western States (1800)

-pro federal government (needs funding)
- small population
- little political power


Missouri Compromise

Henry Clay's Idea
Admit Missouri as a slave state
Admit Maine as a free state
no more slave states about 3630 latitude


Florida Purchase Treaty (Adams-Onis Treaty)

Spain gives up Florida
claims to Oregon


Aaron Burr

Republican who received the same number of electoral votes as Jefferson since they ran together, thus throwing the election to the House. Caused an amendment to state that President and Vice-President were to be voted separately.


Judiciary Act

Act was an effort by the lame duck Federalist majority in Congress to prolong its control of the federal judiciary before the end of John Adams' termThis effort showed that the Federalists were waning in power.


Mercy Otis Warren

New England woman who wrote many works. These included a history of the revolution, a play, and poems One of America's first writers.


Albert Gallitan

He was an American politician, diplomat, and Secretary of the Treasury. He was responsible for balancing the budget, which let America purchase the Louisiana territory from France.


Waltham Method

The method was a set of unique production methods used at Lowell's Mills. It is purported to increase efficiency, productivity and profits in ways different from other methods, which gave America a help in industrializing.


Yazoo Land Claims

Fraud perpetrated by several Georgia governors and the state legislature from 1795 to 1803 by selling large tracts of land to insiders at low prices. The lands were to be the states of Alabama and Mississippi later on and it was the first state law repealed by the Supreme Court.


Robert Livingston

He was the U.S. Minister to France from 1801 to 1804. He negotiated the purchase of the Louisiana Territory.