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Bauer (2006), ambiguity

• Jew masquerading as Pole named Yossi

• Caught by Belorussian militias while smuggling salt to partisans

• Life saved by (17) Sergei Bobko who was Belorussian mem of commission coming to check jail Yossi was in. Before the war, Bobko's family were pressured by local peasants to give some land to build school in which Yossi was going to teach, so they hated Yossi

• After war, Bobko before Polish court bc had served as deputy commandant of concentration camp, Koldichewo

• Not executed bc had saved Yossi's life

• Was he bad person who had done one good thing in his life, or basically a gd person whose upbringing and exterior circumstances had made him a bad person

• I don't know