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What was Kelly's metaphor

The human as a scientist
•behavior= f(perception [S])


What is construct system

Like theories are useful for describing understanding predicting and ultimately controlling events


Examples of alternative constructs

Ex: Smith mows lawn

Person A: smith is an ass hole for keeping me up

Person B:smith is showing off how hard working he is

Gym goer: smith is huffing and puffing does he even fucking lift?

Elderly person: smith is such a good person keeping up our property values


What are contrast poles

Opposite pole

Kind vs cruel
Winner vs loser
Guilty vs innocent
Evil- doers vs us


What what is a submerged pole

A repressed pole

Not available for verbalization
Good vs ????


What are examples of verbal constructs

Wine- tasting; coke vs Pepsi


What are examples of preverbal constructs

Sign language for hungry sleepy up

Developed by kids before they have language


What are examples of superordinate and subordinate constructs

•Fruit -> apple -> Granny Smith
•mammal-> cat-> Siamese


Cognitive complexity

High: have lots of distinct distinct constructs in the rep test that make unique discriminations

Low: only one or two dimensions repeated from line to line

Test: correlate construct a with construct b and c across the role figures

An attribute describing the entire construct system


Pull theories

People are motivated by external reinforcers rewards and punishments
Ex behaviorists


Push theories

Internal drives or motives that push or propel the person forward
: most psychodynamic theories; incongruence of self vs ideal self


Jackass theory

Organism is always active= cognitively active
Always processing information


What is the range of convenience

Is what range of contexts can I apply this construct

Broader range of convince= more useful

Will they work not only in Bay Area but also Illinois Germany etc...


Anxiety according to Kelly

Recognition that an event lies outside the range of convenience of my construct system


How does Kelly define threat

Awareness of imminent comprehensive Chang in core constructs


How does Kelly define psychopathology

Problems lie in malfunctioning and disorders of the construct system


What were the results in construct systems and schizophrenics

In schizophrenic patients constructs were loosely applied to the 8 figures and did not have stable meanings over repeated testing


What are the 3 conditions for change

Create atmosphere of experimentation in therapy sessions

Provide new elements experiences, persons to construe

Provide validational data (feedback whether the constructions "work")


What is fixed role therapy

Helping the client to collect data, try out new constructs, new ways of thinking and behaving