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Are you allowed to smoke marijuana when outside U.S water?

No, any use of drugs onboard is strictly prohibited.


Combine the correct hazard sources signs and name.

"Liquid" "Noise"
"Heating" "Chemicals" "Vibration"


How can you best protect yourself against the most common injury, sprains or cuts in hands, arms or fingers?

By using gloves when practical, and being observant of the risk


In which type of jobs is there a risk of exposure to harmful substances?

Cargo handling Cleaning Corrosion protection Painting Tank cleaning
Working in the engine room


Place the correct text right of the pyramid

Serious or Major Injury
Minor Injury
Property Damage Accidents
Incidents with No Visible Injury or Damage


Protection and Environment work consists of which four elements?

Information / Training Protective Equipment Following up Reports Maintenance


What is the intention of the Safety Meeting?

The intention of this meeting is to inform and train the crew in safety matters and to get the crew to participate in discussions and make their own suggestions for improvements.


Which accidents or injuries are the most common connected to maintenance work?

foreign bodies in eyes
injuries from abrasive blasting injuries from using chemicals injuries from falling


Which are the most common injuries in general on board?

Sprain, cuts or twisting of arms, hands or fingers Foreign body in eyes from welding, dust etc. Sprain or cuts in legs, feet or toes.


Which types of work require permits or check list?(Check all correct answers)

Painting the mast with help of a bosun's chair Chipping down in the ballast tank Welding on the poop deck
Dismantling a pump


Why is it important that you become familiar with the vessel, the equipment and your own duties on board as soon as possible?

In an emergency situation you need to know what to do and the position and use of different safety and fire fighting equipment.