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A container vessel is loaded with containers with general cargo.What environmental risk factors are most likely involved?

All the pollution risks covered by MARPOL 73/78 annexes I, III, IV, V and VI but also those based on local requirements such as ballast water, refrigeration gases, etc.


An experienced officer is signing on a new vessel. Immediately upon arrival, he is ordered to take the watch on the bridge.The officer was not checked out on the equipment. Is the vessel properly manned?

No, an officer should always go through an appropriate check routine before he takes over as the Officer of the Watch.


In case your vessel is involved in a busy trade and port conditions restrict the possibility for launching one of the lifeboats.Would there be any risk involved if this boat was neglected over a long period?

There is no excuse neglecting required drills. If they can't be conducted during normal service, it is the duty of the Master to suspend it until the drills has been carried out.


Is it acceptable if only the officer appointed to be in charge on a lifeboat is able to operate the emergency radio?

No, that is not acceptable.


On a five year old vessel, from what sources would machinery risk factors be available ? Note: Check all the correct answers.

From maker’s instruction manuals.
From the vessel’s PMS and Class records.
From the vessel report file and documentation of 'Machinery Risk Factors' if the vessel carries such files.


Select the correct statement: High specific gravity cargo piling up on the tank top affect

the structure of the double bottom, the side shell and the transverse bulkheads.


The following statement was logged after a training sequence:“1400 - 1430 hrs officers and crew trained in use of emergency radio equipment”. Is this considered to be appropriate?

No, it is not appropriate because it is not enough descriptive.


The overhaul of the auxiliary engine No. 2 is taking place. A new junior engineer participates together with an experienced engineer. For the latter, it is routine job. Is it important to use the job descriptions recorded in the Planned Maintenance System manual?

Yes, it is important in order to follow the proper routines and to document from where information is retrieved.


What are the most critical machinery components on board a vessel?

Any component or equipment that if fails, is resulting in an immediate lack of power or manoeuvrability.


What are the risk factors that may be affected by wrong operation on your vessel, and from where are you able to get supplementary information? Note that several answers may be correct.

Cargo Operations Manuals Appendix to Class Certificate Trim & Stability booklet SOLAS
M.E.T #515


What are the two reasons for carrying out weekly or monthly lifeboat drills?

To drill personnel in their duties and survival techniques to be prepared in case of accidents. To ensure that the all equipment is in good functioning condition.


What can best improve the environmental risk factor on a new built vessel?

Better segregation of fuel and sea


What is the purpose of the 'Vessel Enhanced Survey File?' Note that there may be more than one correct answer.

To document that the owners have continuously surveyed the vessel in order to meet the requirements from the classification society.
To document the vessel’s structural condition necessary to plan an efficient survey. To collect information to be able to develop trend analysis of vessel’s condition..


When carrying out a hull survey, the Ship Master does not inform the surveyor about defects that he is aware of. Later, these result in a major accident.Who is responsible for the vessel’s condition after the survey?

Only the owner is responsible.


Why is it important to disclose the individual vessel’s Machinery Risk Factors?

To ensure safe and efficient operation.


Why is planning of machinery operation and maintenance important? Note that there might be several correct answers.

To ensure that machinery risk factors in general are given proper attention and training. As a motivation to use the vessel’s Planned Maintenance System.
To be aware of how incorrect operations may affect the risk factors.
To be aware of how incorrect or lack of maintenance may affect the risk factors.


Would bad voyage planning with, for instance, outdated navigating documentation, affect the outcome of liability in case of an accident?

Yes, neglecting proper voyage planning is in breach of SOLAS requirements..