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Are OPA 90 and SOPEP applicable for the same type of vessels?

No, OPA 90 is also applicable to dry cargo vessels and all other vessels.


For which of the following categories is it important that predefined tasks have been established?

Entire crew


Is it necessary to carry out 'oil spill drills?'

Yes, they should be carried out frequently


What agreement is to be entered into between a vessel and a salvage company in an emergency?

Lloyds Open Form (LOF)


What are the two most important parties to be notified in case of an oil spill in US waters?

US Coast Guard National Response Center and the company representative in US.


What do we call situations that could have led to an accident if they had developed further?

Near misses


What does the abbreviation SOPEP mean?

Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan


What is a Risk Profile?

The Risk Profile is the total amount of risk factors related to your vessel.


What is the most important risk factor to be observed relative to contingency?

Inappropriate training of personnel in preparedness.


What is the top priority if an incident occurs in US waters?

Safety of the ship and crew


Which statement is true?

Every oil tanker above 150 gross tons and every ship above 400 gross tons must carry a SOPEP manual.


Who must contact the news media first?

The head of the Company Casualty Group is to send out a press release if the incident is of public interest.