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Two Bereiche of the Pfalz

Mittelhaardt-Deutsche Weinstrasse

Südliche Weinstrasse

Deutsche Weinstrasse= "German Wine Route"


What are the collection of the best known vineyards in the Pfalz known as?
North to south, what are the premier wine villages?

North of Neustadt, it is known as Mittelhaardt-Deutsche Weinstrasse

Bad Dürkheim
Forst (reputation for most elegant wines}


How much of Germany's land under vine belongs to the Pfalz?

1/4 of Germany, second only to the Rheinhessen.


What three grapes are authorized for VDP Gross Lage bottlings in the Pfalz?

Riesling, Spätburgunder, and Weissburgunder


What are four examples of vineyards in Pfalz that maintained their tight boundaries (under 5 hectares), even under the 1971 wine law and reallocation under Flurbereinigung?

—Hohenmorgen in Deidesheim
—Forster Freundstück
—Forster Kirchenstück
—Abtsfronhof in Bad Dürkheim (alleinbeisitz of Fitz-Ritter)


Which anbaugebiete has the largest acreage of Riesling?


-There is more Riesling in the Pfalz than in Alsace, or in the whole country of Austria, or Australia, or the United States


How does Riesling from the Pfalz compare to Riesling from other regions?

In comparison to northerly regions like the Mosel, the Pfalz is warm and sunny, with a modern style of Riesling that is resoundingly dry, offering more body, weight, and alcohol than any other classic Riesling region in Germany.


What is the finest, warmest, and most uniform site in the Mittelhaardt, if not the entire Anbaugebiet? Name three producers with wines from this site.

Forster Kirchenstück—the “Church parcel”. It is shared by eight owners, enclosed by a small sandstone wall, and planted entirely to Riesling,

-the small vineyard was classified in 1828 as the Bavarian kingdom’s best and sits snugly above the village, nestled between the Grosse Lagen Freundstück, Jesuitengarten, and Ungeheur.

-Von Buhl
-Bürklin-Wolf calls site the "Montrachet from the Pfalz"


What protects the great hillside vineyards of the Mittelhaardt from wind and rain?

Drachenfels and other low peaks of the Haardt hills
-The top sites of the Mittelhaardt villages largely nestle between the western edge of the villages and the lower slopes of the Haardt


Name two important sites of the Mittlehaardt south of Deidesheim

Königsbacher Idig and Gimmeldinger Mandelgarten


What is the site in the Mittelhaardt that is an amphitheater-like suntrap and the finest site north of Forst?

Kallstadter Saumagen


Who are the 3 B's of the Mittelhaardt?

Which vineyard can you compare them side by side by side.

Reichsrat von Buhl
Bürklin-Wolf- "Biodynamic purist"

Forster Kirchenstück vineyard.


What well known producer from the Pfalz has received criticism for adding new barriques and tonneaux to his Riesling

Weingut von Winning. (Dr Deinhard)


Who is known for their sweet wines in the predominantly dry Pfalz?


-produces Riesling, Scheurebe, and Rieslaner in a lusher style


Who single-handedly manufactured the reputation of Saumagen?


-left the VDP in 2014 after being forbidden from retaining its traditional Prädikat declarations on dry wines.


What are the soils found in Pfalz?

Extremely varied and complex, with layers of red sandstone, calcium-based limestone, loess, red slate, basalt, igneous granite and alluvial gravel. Loess "luss" is oroded basalt soil.


Name three produces from Südliche Weinstrasse

Ökonomierat Rebholz
Dr. Wehrheim
Friedrich Becker


What soils characterize the top vineyards in Forst?

Basalt (a dark-colored, fine-grained igneous rock) Loess "luss" is eroded basalt soil.


What was the DC Pfalz category?

Modeled off the Austrian DAC example. Wines were limited to trocken examples of Riesling, Grauburgunder, Weissburgunder, Spätburgunder, and Dornfelder all at min alcohol of 12%. However, it appears short-lived and forgotten, with no major producers adopting the designation.


What two natural features affect grape growing in Pfalz?

Palatinate Forest and Haardt Hills (reaching heights of 500-600 meters)


Geographically, what two regions does the Pfalz lie between?

Rheinhessen from the north and Alsace from the south


What are the Vosges Mountains called once they flow eastward into Germany from France?

The Haardt Hills


How much of the Pfalz is devoted to red wine

Just over 1/3 or production (Jancis)


What three producers in the Pfalz are under the same ownership, but operate as separate wineries?

Basserman Jordan, Von Buhl, Von Winning.

-Basserman Jordan was split into 3 properties in 1849. Von Buhl married a Basserman Jordan to take over one property, and the other was more recently retained by Von Winning (2008). All three of these producers are under the same ownership, but operate as separate wineries.