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Prescriptive Authority

-Limited authority to prescribe certain medications according to protocol
-NM Statutes allow vaccine and immunization prescribing and prescriber notification once received "dangerous drug therapy"


Prescriptive Authority Requires....

1. Completion of BoP approved training
2. Compliance with BoP protocol
3. Maintenance of authority through continuing education

-Meeting these requirements allows pharmacists to prescribe protocol formulary drugs under their license
-Retail setting is where this most commonly takes place


Prescribing Requirements

-Under each protocol, the pharmacist must generate a patient specific script with each drug
-Can be electronic or written
-Informed consent must be obtained and kept for 3 years
-Must notify physician or PCP of therapy prescribed



-Upon graduation from an accredited program and licensed as a pharmacist, may obtain additional licensure as PhC


Scope of Practice

-Integrated in a variety of settings
-Ambulatory care including family family, internal medicine clinic, anti-coagulation, pain
-Work with a collaborative practice agreement with a supervising physician (or multiple)


Collaborative Practice Agreement

-Signed by supervising physician, alternate physicians, and PhC to define scope of services allowed to be practiced by PhC
-Ranges from clinical appointments to changing/titrating doses, writing Rx, and monitoring therapies long-term
-Patient exams can include general overview, face-to-face discussions, and physical assessments of the whole body


PhC Process

Physical Assessment Course ==> Preceptorship ==> Protocol ==> Board Approval


Physical Assessment Course

-Board approved 60 hour course based on patient assessment and physical exams
-Offered to 4th year pharmacy students who have fulfilled required course work or NM Registered Pharmacists through NM Pharmacist Association
-Need passing score on standard exams through a series of OSCEs



-With physician or practitioner with prescriptive authority to obtain 150 hours with patients, 300 patient contacts, documentation of time and patients
-Must obtain within 2 years prior to applicatino submission to the BoP



-If practice site is determined or established, application to BoP must include protocol with cope with:
-Practice location(s)
-Primary supervising physician and alternates
-Policies when immediate physician will be notified
-Procedures outlining conditions to be treated, medication classes to titrate/prescribe, method of documentation, and emergency contacts
-PhC shall only perform those tasks listed on protocol
-Quality assessment process/program


Board Approval

-Need to submit in its entirety at least one month before next board meeting
-Once approved, PhC must register with accreditation board of supervising physician (Medical Board or Osteopathic Medical Board)



-Must obtain 20 LIVE CE hours
-In addition to 30 hours (10 live) for RPh renewal