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All pharmacies are required to have a Pharmacist in Charge (PIC) listed with the Board of Pharmacy. Which of the following are responsibilities of the PIC? Mark all that apply.

Select one or more:
a. Supervise all professional & non-professional employees
b. Monitor fiscal operations of the pharmacy for profit & loss purposes
c. Monitor record-keeping systems for compliance
d. Notify the Board when a technician is hired or terminated

A, C, and D


For each item listed, determine which is required for the written prescription, for the finished prescription label, or for both.

-Drug name (generic or trade)
-Name & address of the prescriber
-Name & address of dispensing pharmacy
-Drug expiration date
-Name of patient



For each of the tasks below, specify who may perform the task: both pharmacist and intern, or pharmacist only.

-Verification of completed prescription order
-Supervisor of support personnel
-Drug regimen review
-Verbal patient counseling on drug use
-Verbal communication regarding change in drug therapy
-Take verbal prescription orders



When must the patient drug profile be reviewed in the prescription process?

Select one:
a. prescribed drug does not match indication
b. before a prescription is filled
c. before a prescription is dispensed
d. whenever abuse or misuse of drugs are suspected



A review of patient PMP report is required before dispensing ANY opioid prescription.

Select one:



When do the regulations require that a pharmacist or intern must personally offer medication counseling?

Select one:
a. Any prescription - new or refill
b. Any new patient
c. Any new prescription
d. Any opioid prescription



Which of the following are required by regulation to be included in all patient prescription counseling?

You may select more than one answer.

Select one or more:
a. Common side effects
b. Prescription refill information
c. Name & strength of the drug
d. Patient counseling points are at discretion of the pharmacist
e. Intended use and action of the drug



What is the fine associated with failure to obtain the required 30 contact hours of continuing education per renewal period for a registered pharmacist?

At least $1000


Does the use of computer records eliminate the requirement to retain hard copies of prescriptions from practitioners or the record of verbal orders taken by pharmacists or interns?

Select one:



Which of the following are requirements for continuing education for renew of pharmacist licensure?

Mark all that apply.

Select one or more:
a. 4 contact hours must address safe opioid use
b. 10 contact hours must be live
c. 2 contact hours must be law as provided by the Board
d. 2 contact hours must address patient safety

B, C, and D


Match the retention time to the type of prescription record.

-Specific prescription information stored electronically (computer archives)
-On-site retention of hard copy prescription for controlled drugs
-Storage of hard copy prescription for all drugs
-Retrieval of any prescription record within storage limits
-On-site retention of hard copy prescription for non-controlled drugs

-10 years
-2 years
-3 years
-3 days
-120 days


How often does a NM pharmacist license have to be renewed?

Select one or more:
a. Every three years
b. At least every five years
c. Every year
d. Every two years



Which one of the following is required to maintain each prescriptive authority for all protocols with the exception of tuberculosis testing?

Select one:
a. 2 hours CE (CME or ACPE) per renewal period
b. 2 hours ACPE-accredited CE per renewal period
c. 1 hour ACPE-accredited CE per renewal period
d. 1 hour CE (CME or ACPE) per renewal period



Who may administer properly prescribed vaccines to patients? (select all that apply)

Select one or more:
a. Pharmacy technician
b. Pharmacy clerk
c. Pharmacist intern
d. Any NM licensed pharmacist
e. A NM pharmacist with prescriptive authority for vaccines

C, D, and E


A NM pharmacist who provides immunizations and tobacco cessation prescriptive authority services would need how many total continuing education hours for license renewal every 2 years?

Select one:
a. 15 hours
b. 30 hours
c. 34 hours
d. 50 hours



A NM pharmacist who is also licensed as a PhC but does not have an active prescriptive protocol is required to have how many CE hours upon renewal of their RPh and PhC licenses? Select on

Select one:
a. 50 hours to include 10 hours of live CE
b. 50 hours to include 30 hours of live CE
c. 30 hours to include 10 hour of live CE
d. 50 hours to include 20 hours of live CE



Which of the following is/are true regarding NM pharmacist prescriptive authority? Select all that apply.

Select one or more:
a. For tobacco cessation, includes any FDA-approved tobacco cessation product
b. Documentation must be kept for 3 years
c. Includes prescriptive authority for influenza and streptococcal pharyngitis
d. Requires initial training and certification followed by continuing education
e. Requires documentation of patient informed consent

A, B, D, and E


Which of the following are required for licensure as a pharmacist clinician (PhC)? Select all that apply.

Select one or more:
a. New Mexico licensure as a registered pharmacist
b. Completion of a Board-approved physical assessment course
c. A minimum of 5 years of practice as a licensed pharmacist
d. Completion of an ASHP-accredited residency training program
e. Board Certification in Pharmacotherapy Specialty (BCPS)

A and B


A PhC prescriptive authority protocol must contain which of the following? Select all that apply.

Select one or more:
a. A signature page to include the PhC and supervising physician(s)
b. PhC DEA license number
c. Quality assurance program
d. Scope of practice
e. A list of patients that the PhC is allowed to treat

A, C, and D


Which of the following is a general definition on "health disparities"?

Select one:
a. Differences in health due to socioeconomic differences
b. Differences in access to health care services by different groups of people
c. Differences in health due to race or ethnicity
d. Differences in health status among different groups of people



One goal of the Affordable Care Act was to increase health care coverage to the uninsured.

Select one:



According to the chart below which group has the lowest percentage of its population eligible for ACA coverage?

Select one:
a. Asian
b. White
c. Hispanic
d. Black



According to the New Mexico Indicator Based Information System, which group experiences the highest incidence of death from pneumonia and influenza?

Select one:
a. Black
b. White
c. Asian/Pacific Islander
d. American Indian/Alaska Native
e. Hispanic



Match the USP Chapter to its title and content.

-Pharmaceutical Compounding - Sterile Preparations
-Pharmaceutical Compounding - Nonsterile Preparations
-Radiopharmaceuticals - Preparation, Compounding, Dispensing, and Repackaging



Which USP chapters are enforceable by law?

Select one:
a. Only those included in Board of Pharmacy regulations
b. All of them
c. Numbered less than 1000
d. Numbered ≥ 1000.



According to the New Mexico regulations on compounding of sterile products, which of the following are included under Training? Mark all that apply.

Select one or more:
a. Frequency of training
b. Personnel to be trained
c. Topics of training
d. Documentation of training

A, B, C, and D


On December 15th 2019, you start as an intern at Main Street Community Pharmacy. About an hour into your first shift the managing pharmacists asks you to prepare a prescription for pediatric omeprazole from capsules. to be in compliance what training would you need to undergo before compounding the prescription?

Select one:
a. Specified in USP <800>
b. Specified in USP <797>
c. No specific training is needed
d. Specified in USP <795>



According to the FDA which of the following are included as compounding?

Mark all that apply.

Select one or more:
a. Reconstituting amoxicillin powder
b. Preparing a dye-free 'copy' of a commercially available cough syrup on written order
c. Mixing three ingredients for an IV solution
d. Preparing an estrogen topical identical to the commercially available product

A, B, and C


Which of the following are requirements application for registration as an intern?

Mark all that apply.

Select one or more:
a. 18 years of age
b. No misdemeanors or felonies
c. No arrest record
d. Satisfactory completion of at least 30 semester credit hours in accredited pharmacy program



Which of the following tasks may be performed by a pharmacy intern?

Mark all that apply.

Select one or more:
a. Provide patient information about a change in drug therapy
b. Receive and transcribe verbal orders
c. Perform final prescription check
d. Counsel patient on new prescription

B and D